Logitech Wireless DJ Music System reviewed, finally enjoy digital music from your couch

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Logitech Wireless DJ Music SystemIt is said that 40 percent of online households play music files on their computer and 33 percent listen to Internet radio streams. Sadly, less than 10 percent are paying any attention to their stereo. Sure, docking stations have better sound quality for MP3 devices, but they are little more than high-tech boom boxes. So how does one get the convenience of an MP3 device along with the full sound a home stereo can provide? That’s where the Logitech Wireless DJ Music System comes in.

Its functionality enhances the enjoyment of the digital audio format and allows a versatility that we feel has previously been overlooked. The convenience of full stereo system sound, digital clarity, and placement in the home make the Logitech Wireless DJ Music System a must-have for any music lover.

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