Roadmaster’s newest bluetooth speaker phone car kits

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Roadmaster, maker of audio and automobile accessories including the Wireless Backup Camera, will demonstrate two new Roadmaster VR3 Wireless Hands-Free Car Kits at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, January 8-11, 2007. The kits include a speaker, a built-in noise suppression/echo cancellation microphone and one-touch Bluetooth connection, answer button, and volume control. The LCD kit also includes a rechargeable lithium battery, a DC charger, “E-Z Mount” clips and a backlit LCD screen for Caller ID functions. The non-LCD model has a “golf club” design and plugs directly into the cigarette lighter.

The kits essentially turn any Bluetooth phone into a speakerphone, which should make drivers in the 14 states with cell phone laws pretty happy. The regular kit retails for $39.99 ($10 less than their press release announced) and the LCD kit (pictured) retails for $69.99.

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  • James Graham

    Just a few days ago my wife in I had
    bought two of your.Road master bluetooth
    speaker car kits.Which would not work on
    or cell phone SamSung which is Bluetooth.
    So we took them back to the store.WE had
    called or phone service and your Road master in they could not help ethere