A power recharge on a USB drive

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Powerstick battery recharge portable
The Powerstick is a portable power source for your portable devices. Charge it using any USB port, stash it in your pocket, and charge up your device whenever and wherever you need it. With the Powerstick, you can ditch your adapters and chargers, travel overseas without converters, and never again miss that important call. The Powerstick is powerful, portable, rechargeable and versatile; with the appropriate connector, it can charge your cell phone, PDA, mp3 player, digital camera, and hundreds of other devices.

The Powerstick weighs less than 50 grams, contains 3 watts/hour of power, and has a LCD screen to judge the charge level. Now you have no excuse for missing the call, leaving your camera behind, or tune-lessly riding the subway.

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