FeedYourZune before Microsoft supports podcast subscriptions

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I know for me, one big turn-off of the Microsoft Zune is the lack of Podcast support. Until now you had to use a program that was made for the iPod – which could cause some potential issues with the Zune. For those of you that are keeping your distance from the Zune due to its lack of Podcast support, we’ve got the perfect download for you. The guys over at developed an application that was “DESIGNED FOR ZUNE” called FeedYourZune. The freeware application is a “full featured RSS reader and Podcast Media Player.” Read on for more features.


  • Automated download and syncing of Audio and Video Podcasts to your Zune.
  • Full featured RSS video playback. Supports all video formats.
  • Discover thousands of amazing Video and Audio Podcasts with the built-in Channel Guides from Network2, FireAnt, and more to come!
  • Open web architecture: supports RSS, BitTorrent, and Blog Permalinks.
  • Create playlists, favorites, manage disk space, and more…
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  • james.delnort

    I tried to register twice with FEED YOUR ZUNE and received error message both times when clicking the confirmation link in email. I'll try again tomorrow. Maybe it's just a fluke- I hope so, FEED YOUR ZUNE looks cool.