Say “Buy-bye” to analog OnStar in 2008

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onstar_logo.jpgOnStar is going to go all-digital sometime down the road, leaving any analog system users out of luck. The change primarily affects anyone who owns a pre-2002 GM vehicle, some 2002-2004 GM vehicles and some Acura, Audi, Subaru and Volkswagen vehicles with built-in OnStar. It’s a result of a small 2002 FCC decision allowing cell phone companies to shut down analog networks beginning February 2008. Dealers will upgrade some GM 2002-2004 if customers buy a three-year subscription at $199 a year. Otherwise, analog OnStar users will need to convert to digital equipment, if it is even possible for their vehicle. About half of OnStar’s 4 million subscribers still drive vehicles that cannot be upgraded. And, oh yeah, the FCC decision will affect cell phone users, too. At least a cell phone can easily be replaced – Hey, it’s yet another reason to keep readin’ Gadgetell!

UPDATE: Analog OnStar owners furious: Class Action Lawsuit

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  • Dennis

    I have a 2004 Buick Lesabre that the dealer upgraded from analog to digital this week. It cost me about $220 which they told me included a year of onstar…..

  • Bill in Texas

    I have a 2005 Buick PA that is not upgradeable. It has only 15,000 miles on it. Go figure!!!! Bill

  • Robert Hardy Falk

    I am a Dallas intellectual property lawyer horrified at the gross negligence of General Motors in failing to provide a conversion kit to convert digital telephone signals to analogue signals for its pre-2002 GM vehicles equiped with Onstar. In late April 2000 I bought a state-of-the-art Deville d'Elegance with a high-end $1,800 Cadillac-trademarked phone system built by Motorolla, including a removable portable telephone. The phone was actually installed several months later. The features of this phone were fantastic — voice-activated name recognition, and the works. Both the Motorolla directions and the GM brochure did not even say it was an analogue phone, and Southwestern Bell was already in the final stages of converting its mobile phone system to one of the digital frequencies. The GM engineering management knew or should have known of the switchover to digital frequencies in 1999, and should have asked Motorolla to engineer the phone system, including the computer, to use digital frequencies and convert same to analogue as necessary. In reality, GM simply abandoned its analogue customers and said "tough s___", buy another Cadillac with another Onstar system. I contacted Motorolla, and a Motorolla executive told me they were not even asked by GM in 1999 to provide a phone system with a digital alternative. This is gross negligence, and a violation of the Uniform Commercial Code as digital frequencies were in the near future for mobile telephones. As a patent lawyer, I am willing to be the lead plaintiff in a class action suit. One cannot be both the lawyer and the client, so that we will need class action trial counsel smart enough to understand the mobile telephone arts.

  • Glynn Byrd

    Please inclued me in any class action suit. I have just learned that my factory installed OnStar system cannot be upgraded to digital. Thank you, Glynn Byrd

  • frederick parks

    Hello, I just wanted to say that i am one of the ones that just feel like i just climed a latter and jumped off the roof to the ground…I just purchased a 2002 pontiac bonneville fully loaded with all the bell and whistle, and of yes ONSTAR of course and i was trying to get it activated…and that's when i discovered the cut to the throat about the whole switch from analog to digital….and the sad thing about it was that the dealer said nothing about it. and ONSTAR didnt make thing any better…and I got (3) little ones that ride with me everyday and the Safe and Sound Package that i was going to choose before the discovery about the switch from analog to digital would have been just the safety and security that i need with my kids in the car with me………if their is a law suit going on please include me for… ONSTAR ANALOG USERS NEED TO UNITE!!!!!!!

  • Greg Scott

    In 2003, I bought a new Subaru with the OnStar system. I knew nothing about OnStar. As time went on, I came to like the system and appreciate its potential use in emergency situations.

    I received news of the digital upgrade and have been seeking to find a way to upgrade. No way.

    I have come to accept that I will no longer have access to OnStar.

    As a result of OnStar's lack of action and concern for their customers, and by extension General Motors, I guarantee you that I will NEVER CONSIDER A GM IN PRODUCT IN THE FUTURE. NEVER.

  • Oliver

    I just bought 2 days ago a 2003 Audi A4 with the analog only Onstar system. I spent over an hour with Onstar on the phone (+ 4 times disconnected). Now that is what they call customer service? And after talking to one of the representatives, she advised me to buy a new car!

    I just don't understand that nothing is being done about this and the loss of 0.5 million customer! There got to be something to convert that signal?

    I am soooo pissed, if there is a lawsuit please put me on the list.

  • Gail

    I, too, own a 2004 Passat w/OnStar incapability (if that is even a word)……I did not know about OnStar while I was shopping around for my next new car and was drawn to the Passet after months of research, however, I can say that the OnStar feature was a nice added bonus that helped seal the deal for me. I am very dissappointed with the VW manufacturer(s) who have not taken care of their VW customers in regard to this particular issue. I am willing to buy the upgrade, if there was one. My husband (we) owns a Cadillar CTS and it cost us pennies to upgrade that vehicle with the digital components needed to continue using the OnStar. What a crock. Yes, I would be interested in joining a class action suit. The cost of the Passat alone warrants such action,

  • Brad

    on April 27, 2007 at 10:20 AM

    I am want to apologize for making this statement below about Matt Donars. The issue on the On Star is real and want to disconcern this comment. Sorry.

    This Matt Donars doesn’t have the facts stright here. On Star is providing a full refund on the product if you apply for dispute over the digital vs analog. I received a letter of credit from On Star, I filed a claim, sent a letter head and received a credit statement or a choice for a free upgrade to digital in 2008 or later this year. Matt, you don’t know what your talking about

  • Matt Donars

    Shame on VW and OnStar…I think this is a complete scam! Both VW and OnStar knew about the FCC ruling in 2002 but conituned to place analog systems in cars well after that. I bought my Passat in 2004 and it is covered bumper to bumper well after 2008.

    I've contacted VW of America, OnStar, BBB, CA State Attorney General, CA Arbitration and Certification Prog. and have gotten absolutely no help whatsoever.

    I was not made aware of this at the time I purchased my car and I up for class action if anyone could help me with that.

    Matt Donars

  • runngonmpt

    I completely agree with your comments.

    The truth of the matter is that though the FCC's ruling is tough on GM, GM has an obligation to its customers. Currently GM is offering no compensation nor is it offering alternatives to onstar subscribers whose operating system can not be upgraded. In short this is a breach of contract and this obvious situation of built in obsolescence being perpetrated by GM for its own capital gain for over 2 years and should be prosecutable. Can anyone say… "class action lawsuit." For all those drivers of obsolescent onstar vehicles your cars have now been devalued. So who really loses, GM, I don't think so. We the consumers' get screwed again.

    Movement towards a class action lawsuit or pressure to produce an amicable solution is necessary.

  • david

    worse yet, you will begin losing analog tower access **NOW**, long before the first of 2008; and there's nothing you can do; Onstar itself was not aware why I could not reach them, make calls, or get emergency assistance; they thought it was my system, but after further investigation, they confirmed it is a lack of analog tower access right here in little spfd, mo

    Onstar needs to tell its customers it is not a date when service stops, it is a many month long progressive loss of service…

  • Laxmi Govindan

    I am up for class action lawsuit. I did not know about this until after I purchased a 2004 Acura two weeks ago. Not the Salesman, Nor Acura told me about this. I tried to subscribe to onstar after a week and that is when they said you cannot extend the contract after Jan 2008. I then received a mail from Mercedes Benz 2003 model asking me to Upgrade my Telematics system on their vehicle. That is when it struck me that I have cars that is going to be devalued severly. I will support and join hands in any class action law suit that we need to go through to make GM, onstar, FCC (if needed), Acura and the rest of the car owners to provide a solution for our cars which has their manufacturer warranty runs well into the 2008 or after.


  • David

    We bought a new Subaru with installed Onstar in 2003. Of course, not a word from either the dealer, or OnStar, about the service going away in 2008. An email to Subaru got this response:

    "Subaru of America will contact customers with those models in prior to January 1st of 2008 to notify them in advance of the termination of their OnStar service to prevent any harzardous situations. At that time, Subaru will notify the affected customers of any available options, if any, for vehicles that are equipped with analog technology. "

    If any other soon-to-be obsolete Subaru owners read this, lets get together and start exerting some kind of pressure on subaru to offer us a more reasonable solution, long before the Jan 2008 deadline.

    Contact me at

  • Gene

    I own a 2004 Passatiwth an On Star system. On Star sent me an email saying that VW has refused to cooperate with them in upgrading to their digitalequipment!! I tired to contact VW they have nort replied. Has anyone heard any thing as to what VW is going to do to fix this issue?

  • Mike

    I'm no fan of GM, and I'm not a guy who is brand loyal to anything. I've bought new cars from just about every major car manufacturer. BUT, the dealer who sold me my brand-new Tahoe in '01 gave me full disclosure that the vehicle I was buying had analog On-Star equipment and that a digital changeover was going to happen "around 2005."

  • Greg

    I own a 2002 Chevy Avalanche and just received a letter about not having OnStar service in 2008. I think that what they are doing is unacceptable and I am ready to talk to a lawyer if they don't do something about it. I bought this vehicle to pull a camper and the feature was a strong selling point. I already contacted the number provided to me in the letter and I spoke to an OnStar advisor, who then forwarded me to a GM Customer Service rep who told me that I need to write to FORMAL COMPLAINTS at PO Box 33170, Detroit Michigan, 48232-5170.

  • Mike Wilson

    I think Passat's really suck if you ask me, they are way over priced and have horrible gas mileage.

  • James Citizen

    This is terrible news. When the mystery red light goes on and I panic, who am I going to call to tell me that my gas cap is lose?

  • Richard Rivero

    Just got off the phone with Verizon. They sent a letter stating they will no longer provide service to both of my analog phones in my vehicles. I spoke to a Loyalty Team member at Verizon and she stated they were not in the business of replacing phones built into the vehicles, but would just issue cheap hand held models. Well you know where I'm going with my SERVICE & LOYALTY.

  • Isaac Schwartz

    Richard Log onto This unit will let you go to any cell phone service provider and feel like you still have your car phone and many more features to make it easier to talk and drive as long as you have a bluetooth phone contact me ill tell you what phone works best with kit.

  • Lynda

    I am more than a little pissed!! We purchased our truck w Onstar, spending more than we had planned, partly because my husband frequently travels alone on back roads and it gave us a sense of security knowing SOMEONE would know if there was trouble. There was no mention of a change in the system.
    Our letter cancelling service indicates we should purchase a newer model – i think not!! who is to say it will work in 5 years! We have been loyal GM buyers for years but this shows total disregard for their clients. And it is so nice of htem to continue taking our money each month! Class action – good idea!

  • David Busch

    I also have a 2004 Passat. the deciding factor in buying it was the OnStar system. I also have received no satisfaction from OnStar or the dealer. I would love to join in a class action Lawsuit. Does anyone know how we begin?

  • MIke C

    You would think that with all the business that OnStar will lose, that GM would at least offer a retro-fit. I called OnStar after getting their notice and they told me that would be to costly to do. I am assuming that if you did not get the "Letter", that your vehicle is equiped with the digital system (or a system that will accept digital when the time comes. I also suggested that they stop billing me and just give me the service until it runs out. Do I even have to tell you what they said. Hey, it was worth a shot.

  • Kat

    I'm in the same boat. Bought a 2003 Acura brand new and was not informed of the analog system nor the ruling by either OnStar or Acura. I sank a good chunk of upgrade cash into the car because I figured this was a car I would keep 10 years instead of trading in. The OnStar was a major selling point as a single female driving a lot at night. Class action – yep. I don't always agree with the concept, but when all involved parties knew this was coming and offered zero mitigation (disclosure – we can't all remember everything said on the news!), I think we have a case. I want the cash value of the OnStar system back in my pocket plus an extended warranty for any repairs it might cause in the future… or an upgrade to allow me to continue the service.

  • bruce wilbert

    onstar knew back in 2002 that the analog system would become obsolete but kept on installing the analog units for two more years. dont back down hold their feet to the fire make them upgrade their vehicles. how about some enterprizing class action firms out there. time to take gm and onstar to task.

  • John Taschek

    I agree with these comments. I bought a 2004 A6 with Onstar. I tried to activate the system and was told that it would not longer work after December 31st and that my system was not upgradeable. The onstar spokesperson, in contrast to some of the comments, however was excellent. He gave me my onstar service for free, since I was a new customer. But then he mentioned that I might need to upgrade my car. The first part was excellent – but the second part was not a practical suggestion.

    Is there an aftermarket system that can replace it?

  • Kristin McAllister

    Class Action Lawsuit, YES! If anyone hears of any progress in this department, PLEASE email me at as we are definitely IN!
    Selling hardware in a car advertised as a SAFETY feature and then allowing it to be cut-off is unthinkable, unprofessional, and immoral. If it was not advertised as a SAFETY feature, it would be different, but the ads from then until presently are all about SAFETY. I have health problems, and must have immediate access to hospitals, no matter where I travel, and OnStar provided this service. But now they choose to not upgrade my hardware, and in the process, are pocketing upwards of 1.2 BILLION in profits.
    We used to be total GM people, and have 3 GM vehicles. But NOW, I'm out.
    Kristin McAllister

  • Al Conte

    I own a 2003 Acura with Onstar. It is outrageous that GM and Acura are not at least offering a retrofit kit for these systems. Let's face it, it's not as if it can't be done. They would just prefer we trade up to a new vehicle.

    I'm in for a class action suit.

  • Lonny Craven

    I agree with you. I have a 2000 Cadi with Onstar. The Onstar was recalled a few years back to be upgraded at that time. Now I get a letter thanking me for years of loyal service, but that they are terminating my Onstar as of December 31, 2007. BUT, I am welcome to shop numerous 2006 or 2007 GM vehicles. Yeah, right!

  • Irene Nary

    I am a widow in my seventies and own a 2003 Buick Ultra PA which I purchased mainly because of the OnStar safety system which was standard equipment on this car. I,too, have been informed I will lose this system as of January l, 2008. I was never informed that this system woud be obsolete by OnStar, GM, the dealer or salesperson. In this worl of advanced technology I will not believe this system cannot be upgraded. This is out and out consumer fraud and I, too, am all for joining a class action lawsuit against these unscrupulous giants. Over 500,000 of us are involved. let's get together and fight.

  • Richard H.

    I bought a 2004 Subaru Outback in Sept. of 2003 (OnStar option was a deciding factor). Just spoke to someone at Subaru of America that didn't want to offer any more information other than, "Wait to receive a mailer from OnStar to learn your options". I called OnStar and they confirmed by VIN that my model cannot be retrofitted for digital service. All they said was sorry and made no mention of any deal for us unfortunate (analog only) people. The salesman at the dealership clearly hid the fact that I'm about to pay a premium price for an option that will be rendered useless in the near future. Recently, I went to the same dealer to look at 2007 models, thinking about trading in the 2004. I learned they don't offer OnStar anymore (last year for Subaru was 2004), the salesman wouldn't say why, only mentioning they offer satellite radio instead. My wife and I like and use the OnStar feature, so we didn't buy the car. I'm betting lots of people buying these cars used from dealers and previous owners are going to get a big surprise from not-so-honest sellers. And another thing, just last week I purchased enough hands-free minutes that would last me well into 2008. The OnStar rep didn't say a word. Burned again. Too pissed to elaborate more. Thinking class action about now.

  • Connie Casebolt

    I bought my 2004 Passat equipped with Onstar, which I have used on numerous occasions. Onstar and Volkswagen must show responsibility to their loyal customers by either continuing the service or upgrading the equipment that they advertised.

  • Michael K

    Hello Everyone,

    My OnStar digital upgrade was done and is working successfully. I know that a lot of people are upset about the upgrade but truly it is not OnStar's fault. If you are going to file a lawsuit it should be against the FCC and not OnStar or GM. The FCC governed the new regulations which will be effective in 2008.

  • Michael K

    Hello Everyone,

    I my OnStar digital upgrade was done and is working successfully. I know that a lot of people are upset about the upgrade but truly it is not OnStar's fault. If you are going to file a lawsuit it should be against the FCC and not OnStar or GM. The FCC governed the new regulations which will be effective in 2008.

  • Michael K

    I purchased a 2005 Cadillac CTS on February 10, 2007 and the dealership did tell me that an OnStar upgrade would be forthcoming. I have an appointment to take my car to the dealership on Thursday, April 5, 2007. I love my OnStar system and I cannot imagine living without it.

  • Mark Richards

    Any vehicle that was sold after the 2002 FCC ruling should have come with a disclosure. Failure to disclose a known problem is fraud. Subaru KNEW the analog systems were already outdated. They should be held to task for this omission.

    There are plenty of lawyers out there who want to make some money. Some enterprising barrister will come up witha class suit. Just be patient

  • Jim

    Count me in on any legal action. Just one more victim of this situation. I have an '04 Passat with OnStar or should I say NoStar.

  • Lneve E-mail address.
    Class action lawsuit located in PA

  • Lneve

    Here is all the info:

    Press Release
    Smolow & Landis, Trevose Pa
    Re: OnStar Class Action

    Trevose Pa. 3/28/2007. On Monday, March 26, 2007, Smolow & Landis, a consumer class action law firm based in Trevose, Pennsylvania, filed a class action lawsuit against OnStar Corporation and General Motors Corporation on behalf of OnStar subscribers, owners and lessees whose OnStar services are about to be terminated because their vehicles have analog OnStar equipment.
    At the time of purchase or lease, OnStar and GM represented that OnStar was a unique in-vehicle safety system that provided automatic crash notification to emergency responders, stolen vehicle location, remote door unlock and remote diagnostics in the event of problems with airbags, anti-lock brakes or other systems.
    OnStar and GM further represented that the OnStar system, like other vehicle safety systems, would function for the life of the vehicle:
    The life-saving benefits of OnStar are intended not only for initial vehicle purchasers but also for subsequent owners over the life of the vehicle.

    OnStar has notified OnStar owners and subscribers with analog equipment that based on design limitations, OnStar will terminate their service as of December 31, 2007. Further, that OnStar and GM will not provide repairs or upgrades. Consumers are being told that if they want to continue to receive OnStar service, they can purchase new vehicles with more up-to-date OnStar equipment.
    Ronald Smolow, the plaintiffs’ lead attorney, says that: “OnStar and GM’s decision will expose thousands of OnStar customers to great risk of bodily injury and harm in the event of a crash. Without OnStar, there will be significant delays in emergency care during the crucial minutes following an accident. This delay will surely lead to an increase in permanent injuries and fatalities. OnStar and GM are about to strand hundreds of thousands of people without safety features that they thought would work for the life of their car. Its like being told that their airbags or seat belts won’t work after Dec 21, 2007 — if they feel unsafe – then its time to buy a new car. This is an unfair and outrageous consumer tactic.”
    In their lawsuit, Smolow & Landis are asking the court to certify a nationwide class of OnStar subscribers, owners, and lessees, and for the court to award damages and for injunctive relief to order OnStar and GM to provide repairs, upgrades or other means of obtaining OnStar service.

    For more information contact:
    Ronald Jay Smolow, Esq.
    Smolow & Landis
    Two Neshaminy Interplex
    Trevose PA 19053

  • Lneve

    Good for you Rich, I guess I'm just the unlucky one since I have a 2002 Avalanche and there is no conversion kit or adaptor for mine, just need to come up with another $40,000. for a new GM vehicle that is up to date according to the letter I received. NOT & NEVER AGAIN… And to think out of eight GM vehicles (owned) this would happen to be the one that I never had any problems with until now ! What a kick in the rear. Its time to move on to a better manufacture and customer service and throw loyalty out the window. Hey I hear real estate is really really cheap in Detroit and areas are even vacant. wonder why ?

  • Lneve

    Longest and most dependable trucks on the road my A$$

  • cgrant

    I am incredibly disappointed that my Onstar system in my 2004 Jetta will be no longer operable after this year. I use the system to get direction, quite regularly. As well, I often use the driving conditions feature and the reservation ability for movies and restaurants when I'm on the road. I believe the GM, Volkswagen and the industry have done an extreme disservice to loyal customers of Volkswagen and Onstar by not coming into some agreement to allow those of us who bought a car less than three years ago to not be able to use a prime selling feature. I think it stinks.

  • Lneve

    Michael K….. There is no upgrade for certain vehicles, period. we are just SOL. There is a place on OFFSTARS website that you can put in your VIN # and it will tell you if you can get the updates or NOT (Analog only). And by the way the FCC has nothing to do with it. It is GM / Onstars choice not to keep the analog signal.

  • Bill L.

    GM is trying to do something, you are totally sol with acura, subaru and vw.

  • A J Braun

    With all the hoopla – why doesn't GM offer a "kit" to upgrade to digital service? When I inquired, they wrote me back saying they treid & could not! I sent to the NYS Attorney Generals Office – Mario Cuomo & was turned down. The letter stated for me to go after in small claims court. Would like to be a part of the class action law suit!

  • Kristin Mcallister

    Michael K–
    The FCC isn't responsible–in fact, the guideline was put out years ago, and OnStar continued to produce analog equipment, proferring that said equipment would provide safety coverage for the life of the vehicle.
    The FCC did not issue a "RULING" it simply asked that companies change over to digital service. It was not a directive, but a suggestion. OnStar, given their refusal to supply service to customers, opted to shut them out in lieu of the changeover (which perhaps will become mandatory sometime in the future).
    I am happy that you were among the few offered an upgrade. I am hopeful that OnStar/GM will offer the same upgrade to those of us that don't have the seemingly "chosen" vehicles.
    Read the ruling–OnStar had the option to keep the analog service. It is their CHOICE to shut us out.
    –Kristin McAllister

  • Justin B

    Brad, did you have your attorney send the letter to ON Star? If what your saying is true, if I make some waves I can get my upgrade for free? Please reply, thanks. Also, did you pay for one year in advance, if you did the upgrade should only cost $15. Mine was more since I pay monthly, I don't want to pay for a full year to get an upgrade+activation.

  • Brad

    This Matt Donars doesn't have the facts stright here. On Star is providing a full refund on the product if you apply for dispute over the digital vs analog. I received a letter of credit from On Star, I filed a claim, sent a letter head and received a credit statement or a choice for a free upgrade to digital in 2008 or later this year. Matt, you don't know what your talking about.

  • Brad Wellman

    I too like many others own a vehicle equipped with an analog only OnStar system. I am so disappointed in GM / OnStar lack of commitment to existing customers who have for only a few years trusted in the added safety and security of that system that I will never consider another GM product again. It is not that GM could not modify the existing systems it’s that the accountants counted the beans and they did not see big dollar profits. Well hope this costs them big dollars in the long run. I would also gladly join in any class action against GM.

  • James

    I think that quite a few posters don't realize that it is not OnStar that is going dark. It is the wireless networks – Verizon, Sprint, Alltel, etc. The FCC decided in 2004 to allow these wireless providers to turn off analog service in 2008. Anyone with an analog phone, including OnStar subscribers, will be out of luck.
    There was an article, that of course I can't find again, that discussed how various advocacy groups (Women shelters and the like) were fighting this ruling because all those analog safety phones they distributed will no longer work. OnStar was one of the groups appealing the ruling.

  • Justin B

    I have a 2005 Pontiac G6 GT, equipped with Onstar. I am also seeking satisfaction for my situation. I was told by my GM dealer, I have to pay an additional $99 for upgrade. For a grand total of $399 to upgrade my ONStar system. The kit is $15, why can't I install it myself and activate it? They want to lock us in for 1 year of service and pay additional money for activation. My car is digital ready so I can upgrade, but my car should have a digital receiver already. Because GM needed to clear out their remaining analog receiver's, I should pay $400 to upgrade. I don't think so.

  • Joe Fox

    If any of you out there wants to make a fortune quickly, design a cheap digital to analog converter to fit GM cars. The technology already exists. We use it every day. Unfortunately, I'm not an EE.
    I just bought a 2002 Buick LeSabre Limited only to find out that OnStar ends 1/1/08 and my car "can't be converted". I don't like the word "can't".

  • Curt

    I bought a 2002 GMC Yukon XL in 2002. One of the reasons I bought this $50,000.00 plus vehicle was because of the safety factor I was told about (by the dealer)because I had OnStar. I am A dissabled person and often travel in remote areas that if I were involved in an crash I would be assured of someone being notified that could help. WELL now that I have spent much of my savings to get this WONDERFUL safe vehicle I cant even use the one feature that convinced me to buy the vehicle to begin with.
    I have contacted both OnStar and GMC and have been told that I am out of luck. I cant even buy a new OnStar system that is Digital and have it installed in my car.
    I really feel that as a disabled American I have been taken advantage of by OnStar.It has become so unusable over the past several weeks that I can NOT even place a phone call because the carriers are all digital in my home area. I requested a refund for the remaining time from my 300 min package since I cant use it and was adsvised that refunda are not offered and that if I were able to be drining around and found an area that still had analog service I could use up my paid time that way.
    So at $3.39.9 a gal a guess I will drive around this week attempting to find an area where my system still works and call home to see if they can still hear me now at .50 cents per min.VERY unhappy customer. Curt

  • Barbara W

    I bought a 2004 Volvo S80 and paid extra for the OnCall (soon to be OffCall!) telematics system for the SAFETY and peace of mind that I could get help in an emergency. I called Volvo's 800 customer service and was told that I could bring my Volvo to a dealer and they would remove the soon to be outdated OnCall equipment and replace it with a storage box!!!!! This is outrageous. Volvo should be ashamed. "Volvo For Life" – I think NOT!

  • Mike Baumberger

    I bought my '02 Avalanche new and the OnStar component was a very important part of the purchase and I have kept it active. This is still our travel vehicle and I want to continue the service; however, I do NOT want to purchase a new vehicle to do it. I have been informed by my local dealer, that my system is not upgradeable. Is that true? It seems like we should be able to retrofit my truck with a new system – but what do I know? I'm bookmarking this site. Keep us informed.

  • Jennifer

    Kaiser Permanente Pasadena

  • Terry Dewhurst

    Add my name to the list of people who want to join a class action suit. I am a Canadian with an Audi A8L.

  • Frank E Best

    As owner of a 2002 Buick Park Avenue my Onstar is not eligible for renewal. Please add me to the list of those wishing to join a class action suit.

  • bluestar

    wow. lawsuit. and just to quote one of the posts above…

    "Its like being told that their airbags or seat belts won’t work after Dec 21, 2007 — if they feel unsafe – then its time to buy a new car. This is an unfair and outrageous consumer tactic.”

    what if onstar decides to stop providing service at all? you'll still file a lawsuit against them? since they just said they're done doing it? are you that incompetent that you'll fully rely on a service being offered by a company and when they decide to stop servicing you'll file a lawsuit against them? thats bull. that just proves how incompetent you are. the only solution to this is to take care of your car and be responsible for your own acts. your life is on your own hands when you drive a car and you shouldn't always rely on some stupid service since you know its just there to give in to your demand. have a backbone, idiots!

    and please.. there's nothing free in this life anymore. life's tough and you should get over it. it's their business offer to you. if you want it, take it. If not then forget about it. no once's forcing you to buy a new car? if they sold you the car back in 2002, you should've asked if in case the agreements change what's in it for you. the thing is, you assume too much. you dont even bother to ask!

    or better yet, why not just walk. that's why you people are so full of health problems because you rely so much on these kinds of technology, and then when it doesnt work for you, you file a lawsuit. wow. how lame could that be?

    grow up people.

  • bluestar

    uhhm, hello?

    i mentioned being dependent on services not being not dependent on anyone at all. and yes i believe i wont need for any of that specific help from a service company since i am responsible for what i do and i know how to take care of myself, unlike some people.

    and hello?, if you rely that much to technology laying your life with it, yes that is incompetence and lack of self reliance.

    hiding behind a veil of an Internet “blog”? im not hiding. im just wasting my free time to tick you off and make you realize of how senseless your point is. and for being on tv and announce this kind of thing is a waste of money and effort specially knowing what kind of people will be listening to it anyways.

    i dont walk everywhere i go, but i dont completely rely much to people specially on things i know i can handle myself, like being responsible for everything i do and being cautious all the time. im not expecting my computer to save my life. and im not relying on it to do so, and there's no one to file a suit against for since i did read the fine print from the very beginning when i bought it and agreed to it, unlike what most of you do.

  • Randi McIntyre

    Count us in on the suit also. We bought a 2004 Subaru Outback in 2003, primarily because of the OnStar feature. Now I feel totally ripped off by Onstar, and Subaru which padded the price of these cars for the "special safety" feature provided. Where is Ralph Nader when we need him???

  • Reginald

    I also have a 2004 Passat. the deciding factor in buying it was the OnStar system. I also have received no satisfaction from OnStar or the dealer. I would love to join in a class action Lawsuit. Does anyone know how we begin?
    We paid extra for this, and now we are left with no service and a car with OnStar that does not work. Is this fair? I was told to waite for a converter kit, now at the last few months there is no kit, at least give us a choice, just don't stop the service.

  • steve k

    Include me in a class action suit against audi for their refusal to help their customers regarding analog switch to digital. Audi USA says "I'm sorry", and Schaumbeg, IL audi did not even answer my letter as they do not care about their customers

  • Alanc

    BlueStar Get a clue!!! I and others on this blog are fully aware and probably not complete idiots as you think. We all purchased our vehicles for various reasons, but paid extra for a feature that each of our dealers promoted as a added safety feature.

    Now I realize technology changes, but not to inform the consumer about these changes is horrific at best.

    When so many cars are so closey designed a decision to purchase one model over another could break down to fearures and safety. I purchassed my vehicle for the tracking and emgergency Air Bag Deployment in case of an accident.

    A cell phone or radio is easy cheap replacement, but being forced to buy proprietary equipment exclusive to Onstar after the initial sale doesn't make me happy. I do not profit off my vehicle, but the dealers and Onstar do through sales and service.

    I believe if a manufactuer or distributor knowingly sells a product in good faith and informing the consumers prior to the sale taht is no big deal, but this is and probably wasn't the case for others.

    My money spends just like yours and did trust and made what I though was an informed decision and so did they. I would love for them to uprgrade my system at no additional charge. I could care less abouyt the money, but more about not having worthless buttons in my vehicle.

    I purchased a GMC Yukon not the Bat Mobile!!!


    understand as other

  • Alanc

    BlueStar Get a clue!!! I and others on this blog are fully not complete idiots as you may think. We all purchased our vehicles for various reasons, but paid extra for a feature that our dealers promoted (at a cost)another added safety feature.

    Now I realize technology changes, but not to inform consumers about these changes is horrific at best.

    When so many cars are so closey designed a decision to purchase one model over another could break down to features and safety. I purchassed my vehicle for the tracking and emgergency Air Bag Deployment in case of an accident.

    A cell phone or radio is a easy cheap replacement, but being forced to buy proprietary equipment exclusive to Onstar after the initial sale doesn't make me happy. I do not profit off my vehicle, but the dealers and Onstar do through sales and service.

    I believe if a manufactuer or distributor knowingly sells a product acting in good faith and informing consumers prior to the sale that wouldn't be an issue, but this is and was not the case for myself.

    My money spends just like yours and made what I though was an informed decision. I would love for them to uprgrade my system at no additional charge. I could care less about the money, but more about not having worthless buttons in my vehicle.

    I purchased a GMC Yukon not the Bat Mobile!!!


  • bluestar

    "as what your dealers had promoted"

    that's it! your dealers promoted the car to you with "an added safety feature" meaning you had the option of not having it at all, but then again you did chose to have it, because what? because your dealer was good at selling it? cause he sounds so convincing by not mentioning the fine print? duh? were you expecting them to tell you everything with their demo to you? and if you were expecting it, then you should've asked your dealer if there are any fine print that you should know, did you even bothered to ask what that "added security feature" was? i guess not! as what most of you say? "who bothers reading the fine print?" hah!

  • bluestar

    you're way too relaxed and used to being fed by different companies with all the things that you can afford, without even bothering to ask if they are feeding you poison or something that would complicate your life in the future.

    total lack of self reliance and comprehension. that's what i can say.

  • Terry Dewhurst

    I worked for Honeywell many years ago. Honeywell manufactured analog/digital converters. They sold for under $100.00.
    Millions of analog OnStar owners are facing a shutdown of the service.
    Has no manufacturer stepped in to offer a conversion device?
    If not, could someone explain why devices available in the seventies are not available now?
    I own a 2004 Audi A8L. I am one of the losers.

  • Pepper H.

    I understand that you must pay #200.00 to covert the Cadilliac. That is a lot of money and the analog will end December 31, 2007. HELP!!!!!

  • bluestar

    ok. now, for those people that wants some help, maybe i can give some idea (but i still feel sorry for those people who would still file a lawsuit, what an idiotic response. trying to solve a problem with another problem.)

    i tried contacting FCC about this and one of their agents was kind enough to enlighten me on this happening issue. but i wont disclose what we talked about here, i would prefer for you to find out about it yourself and call them. here's their customer service line. 888.225.5322. you can try asking them if they know anyone or any place that accepts digital conversion, since anyway they're the one who introduced this "phasing out" process. im sure they can help you out finding one that can have the cars' system converted.

  • Roy

    I have a 2003 Saab 9.5 and there is no upgrade available, they tell me. This is my 4th Saab in a row and the last three have all had Onstar – a MAJOR reason why I bought the three Saab's is that I NEED the Onstar for work (I make multiple business trips every day over a wide geographic area) AND the dealer heavily promoted the Onstar as a significant differentiator for their cars over other brands AND they said the resale value would be higher because of the Onstar feature. My wife and I were willing to pay for the Onstar (I have been a subscriber to Onstar for at least the last 8 years) because we feel alot safer having the knowledge that if the airbags deploy and we are unconscious Onstar will send emergency assistance AND when we travel and are in unfamiliar areas, especially at night, Onstar is very reassuring and able to direct us straight to where we are trying to go. I wanted my wife and children to know that with the push of a button they are connected to help that knows their exact location in any circumstance, this is extremely important to me. I have worked for years in telecommunication technology and there is no reason that a conversion box cannot be put into the cars that takes an incoming digital signal and converts it to analog and also takes an outgoing analog signal and converts it into digital – Onstar and GM are simply betting that the 500,000 subscribers that will no longer get their service will NOT JOIN A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST THEM. IF WE ALL STICK TOGETHER AND JOIN THE CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT THEY WILL COME UP WITH AN OPTION FOR US. Here is the address of the law firm that filed the class action suit in March 2007:

    For more information contact:
    Ronald Jay Smolow, Esq.
    Smolow & Landis
    Two Neshaminy Interplex
    Trevose PA 19053

    Please go to the website and enter your information to participate, we all deserve to be represented in this egregious fraud that Onstar and GM have created by selling us a critical feature that now we will not be able to use on our cars.

  • bluestar

    ok. now, for those people that wants some help, maybe i can give some idea (but i still feel sorry for those people who would still file a lawsuit, what an idiotic response. trying to solve a problem with another problem.)
    i tried contacting FCC about this and one of their agents was kind enough to enlighten me on this happening issue. but i wont disclose what we talked about here, i would prefer for you to find out about it yourself and call them. here’s their customer service line. 888.225.5322. you can try asking them if they know anyone or any place that accepts digital conversion, since anyway they’re the one who introduced this “phasing out” process. im sure they can help you out finding one that can have the cars’ system converted.

  • Doug Olson

    I called On-Star and e-mailed GM right after I got the letter. Both came back to me and said that their was nothing they could do. I am as pissed as everyone else, so if there is a lawsuit put me on the list

  • doris davidson

    Class action is great, but you've been talking about it for a year. Has anything actually been done?

    Also, has there been any aftermarket been developed to replace what we have. I'm willing to buy something that would include a simple phone and tracking device that would work for my husband who has dementia. I'm afraid he'll get lost and we won't be able to locate him. He is still capable of driving and I want to keep him independent, but he does get turned around and lost sometimes.

    For some folks it's more than inconvenience that is at stake.

    We need a solution.

  • dan.nance

    It appears that someone has been working on class-action.

  • Doug Berger

    Check our follow-up story to the analog onStar debacle:

  • Bruce

    This is what happens when big businesses gobble up small businesses…The competition goes out the door and with it goes compassion for the customer…

    Loyalty means nothing to big business anymore…

    That is what is happening with News Papers buying up television stations, banks taking over banks, Microsoft taking over Yahoo, and big oil companies taking over small oil companies with hostile take over…

    Thanks to our Lobbyist friendly, money hungry elected officials we no linger matter.

    I called Verizon today and the person on the other end on the phone told me that the car phone in my 740IL would be replaced with a cheap hand held phone even though my phone is hands free and it is against the Law in California to drive and talk on a hand held…

    I am all for the class action lawsuit…

  • Jeff

    "bluestar" must be a special individual. It must feel good knowing you will never suffer from any ailments/disabilities, or need the help of others in any way.

    With the advancement of technology, we ALL know that this type of service will NOT “stop.” There’s too much money to be made. We also know that many of us who are “responsible for our own acts” will be impacted by someone who isn’t (like the vast numbers of uninsured motorists). On or after 2002 (with all the “disclosure” already required in our daily lives), it should NOT have been up to the customer to try and unearth information that the dealers already knew about.

    True “incompetence” is trying to think you can make any sensible commentary on an issue as important as this. And as far as having a “backbone,” hiding behind a veil of an Internet “blog” shows who the real “idiot” is. Come out in the open and voice your opinion on national TV, where you will have to show your true responsibility. We both know that will never happen…

    Are you also trying to make us believe you walk everywhere you need to go? But you have a computer… What for??? Doesn’t that have you relying “on these kinds of technologies?” What a HYPOCRITE!!!

  • Teresa Miller

    I am interested in more information about the lawsuit. I have a 2001 cadillac, all paid for and with only 40,000 miles on it so I'm not ready to have to buy another at this time. I have already used the On Star in on auto accident when someone hit me and the reason I wanted the car in the first place was the assurance that this "safety feature" could save me and I could talk to a live person if I was in trouble or for any reason. This is so outrageous that this has been decided for all of us. What is it, like 2,000,000 people. Not to mention the Feds in their infinite wisdom sponsoring this whole debacle in the first place; like the 3 week early time change. Sincerely/Very Sincerely, Teresa Miller

  • Teresa Miller

    Well I've taken this a step further by talking with investigative reporters in SF about the unfair advantage we who can not be retrofitted are in. Either buy a new car or loose what I consider a lifeline not to mention how devalued my car will be. I'll probably be ostracized from eventually buying another cadi. too :-)

  • Grace

    Just think about it!!! Isn't that just great how OnStar treats its customers. I think it is terrible for a company like OnStar. This means it has never really cared about its customers. This OnStar was all about selling more GM cars.
    I don't think I can ever trust GM and OnStar again. Why should I think about paying for a new GM car in order to get OnStar.
    I have been looking for a better solution and I think I found one. It is called CarShield. It has more services than OnStar does. It is cheaper and fits any car. I don't have to be a GM prisoner to get this great services. I can just get a CarShield device.
    I think you guys should check this out as well.

  • JakeChavali

    I purchased a 2002 yukon denali Xl back in late 2001 and an extended seven year 100K mileage warrantee. That warrantee is still in effect but there is apparently no way GM will replace/upgrade the phone service.

    The major reason we purchased this vehicle at the time was specifically this safety function that at that time was most unique. There must be some legitimate complaint that can be lodged with the attorney general or someone to force an upgrade especially for vehicles still under the manufacturer's warrantee.

    Anyone in the same position with any suggestions or any level of success at making the requisite upgrade???

    I cannot see how the promise can be renegged on and they not be accountable…especially in light of the facts in the story above.

    Perhaps a class action??

  • JakeChavali

    Sorry, only after posting my note did the already-tracked torrent of correspondence appear on my computer screen… strange.

    Anyhow, unless someone has a solution and as long as gm is till balking to correct the problem, count me in on the class action.

    I've put a few hours into this so far and it seems that GM is not hearing fair appeals on an individual basis and if that's the case then let them listen to a collective voice through a class action. I'm smart enough as most others posting comments here, that no more valuable time need be wasted by us. Let the lawyer handle it. I don't want money just the service that I am paying for and the fullfillment of an extra premium that GM took for a seven year "worry free" period.

    Whatever happened to "the customer is always right??"… or does GM now subscribe to Ed Debevic's motto?

  • Grace

    This is just great! Just think about it. How can OnStar do this to its best customers. I hate to acknowledge this, but it's terrible and I cannot trust OnStar any more. I have been looking for something that would replace the OnStar. And I found something great. It is called CarShield. It will be in the US market soon. I think you guys should check this out. It provides more services than OnStar does at a lower annual cost. Maybe we need to email CarShield inc. and tell them that we are OnStar ex. customers and we want to get CarShield instead. Maybe they will give us some discounts.

  • JG Mason

    I actually got to play around with CarShield at CES. It looks to work really well. I am going to see what I can do to help get a program going for previous OnStar users…expect an update shortly.

    Check out Gadgetell's post:

    <a href="; title="OnStar Alternative for any car">OnStar Alternative for any car

  • Bruce

    All of that is good…But I need to know how to convert my analog system to digital without having to replace the built in car phone…

    Any one have any ideas or sources of information to accomplish this?

  • JG Mason

    Bruce, from everything I've read and the folks I've chatted with I don't think it is possible to convert analog to digital. If it were, I am sure OnStar would be knocking on your door.


  • Scott in WI

    When I bought my Caddy in 03, I WAS told that the analog OnStar! would be discontinued… in a few years.

    Fortunately for me.. I have just WON a law suit against GM because of ongoing warranty issues that occured while the car was under warranty. Next week.. after over 4 years and 55K miles.. I get a check for the cost of the car.. and I give them the car back.. not the worst of deals I must say.

    Next car gets a Garman, and not OnStar!

  • Bruce

    You'r probably right.


  • sedochka

    Thanks Grace for the valuable information.
    I have just searched for the information on CarShield and found some interesting articles about it.
    I must say that if CarShield really provides such features and services that are being mentioned in the articles, that means we have a new choice and possibly a better one.
    Here is the link of one of the articles on CarShield:

  • BUZZ in Lake Havasu

    General Motors has stooped to bait and switch, lies and deception, all in the name of a $214 upgrade for OnStar. I purchased new, a 2003 Trailblazer with OnStar and recently started receiving the mailings regarding the termination of their analog service. Wanting to continue and upgrade to the current technology, I had the conversion performed on July 06, 2007. A month prior, I'd added air minutes and the OnStar Associate assured me my added minutes would roll onto my new digital service. No where along the way did my GM or my Dealer inform me that upon return of my automobile, my service would be degraded. There are no telephone numbers available in this area I'm told, since Verizon has no presence in LHC. My minutes are timing out with no knowledge of when telephone service will or will be provided. Isn't that lovely? General Motors, Half truths, lies and deception? You are GUILTY!!!

  • Michael Scott

    There's an attyorney in San Francisco who is looking at a class action on this. His site is at

  • dave

    does this affect any of the 2007 model cars? or are they already set at digital?

  • Joe Fox

    FYI-Converting digital to analog and back has been done by every computer using a modem (internal or external) millions of times a day. So the technology has exited for years.

    Further, I got my 2002 Buick LeSabre Limited converted to digital January 30, 2008. It even works. and cost $220 including a year's subscription to OnStar.

    I got a letter around the first of December 2007 saying that OnStar was making the conversion available. So I jumped at it. The rest of you should have gotten something in the mail as well.

    Good luck ya'll.

  • Bruce

    Can you send give us a link to the conversion method…

  • R Davis

    American automakers are the worst, I will never buy another american car! As far as the class action suit I have a couple of opinions: a class action suit makes headlines and costs a business money (when won by plaintiffs) BUT the consumers rarely get anything approaching a fair compensation or alternative out of the deal. for example during the dot com boom many companies were flat out lying BIGTIME about their stock's chances of hitting it big to investors and to their own employees whom they often insisted buy shares for their retirement accounts – so when the courts finally got around to settling the class action cases (years after you've lost your shirt and the company execs have walked off rich) the lawyers who brought the class action get paid a huge amount and the bilked investors get to try and prove that they held shares during the time period covered and then collect pennies on the dollar for the money stolen from them. american corporations like GM make a calculated decision to just let their 500,000 analog onstar subscribers bite it because they know the cost of the class action suit verdict down the road is just a cost of doing business – they build it right into their financial model. But us consumers that have been duped into buying their products will not get anything more than a credit for a couple thousand to buy a new gm car, mark my words. I bought a $40,000 Saab in 2003 and it is no exaggeration to say the Onstar service was absolutely necessary to me, because I drive to clients all day long for work and need directions and because when my wife and kids take the car I will know they have safety first and a cellphone backup built in second. My $40,000 investment is now just over 4 years old and gm is revealing me for the sucker that I am for buying one of their products – in 3-5 years when the class action suit is finished I'll get a coupon in the mail for a couple thousand off another gm sucker's car, not my idea of a good deal. I'm NOT going to join the class action suit because of this reason, but I AM going to sue them individually from a slightly different legal angle so they cannot attach me to the class action suit and I'm going to win a cash judgement that can be used to buy a Lexus or Mercedes instead of the american sucker's cars they sell.

  • Nathaniel Hummel

    I purchased a certified 2001 Seville in 2004 and neither the Cadillac dealer *nor* Onstar (when I activated the system) bothered to tell me at the time that the analog ruling had already been made in 2002. The dealer was happy to sell me the car and make a profit, OnStar was happy to sign me up for a plan and push for the more expensive ones, plus activating the calling minutes, so I feel I was not adequately informed. So, yes, the OnStar was one of several reasons I purchased the car I did and I think that Cadillac, even if not required by the FTC, should retrofit earlier models with digital technology.

    Just My $.02 — oh, and yes, class action may just do the trick and I'm for it.

  • Joe Fox

    Just go to your local GM dealer and request that they order a conversion kit. That's all I did. It took them a while to get it because they said a missing part was back-ordered, but a few weeks later they installed it successfully.

    I'm a happy camper. Time is abit expensive at .37 cents per minute, but I only use OnStar for emergencies or small local traffic, so my time last quite a while.

  • david ransin

    I am very glad a class action has been started, and I'd like to share my personal experience which exposes another angle not yet discussed:

    the move away from analog services to digital on towers actually began in late '06 and accelerated in early '07, getting worse in late '07, long before the announced end of analog OnStar service

    I had 3 breakdowns, 2 lockouts, and 2 family emergencies during which I had absolutely no OnStar service…..and each were well within tower reach, 5 of the 7 being in my hometown of Springfield, MO, a very flat and open geographical area, 1 in my driveway, and 1 in my office parking lot

    ***here's the catch:
    OnStar knew this, but did not tell its own staff, or its customers, yet they sent me and you letters promising normal coverage/service until the end of '07

    what was happening was the owners of the towers were slowly droppijng their analog service; OnStar leases the service, of course they don't have their own towers, so they are at the mercy of the tower owners, but OnStar knew this in March '07 because I spent about 10 hours on the line with all kinds of tech folks driving around and diagnosing it; and they finally confirmed it, but refused to admit it was a problem until about Nov. '07; still they did not make any public announcement; in the fall of '06, my calling minutes expired, and based on their promise I would have service as usual until the end of '07, I renewed their expensive calling minutes which I only used for emergencies, or when I was in a remote area and my handheld cell did not have the 'punch' to get a signal

    it got to the point that I knew there were definite areas where I knew I could not get a signal; example: major intersection, Battlefield Road and Interstate 65 in Spfd, MO, various cell towers in view, top of a hill with 360 degree horizons, I could push the red cross emergency button for 30 minutes and no signal; nice sense of security in case I ended in a ditch unconscious somewhere……

    they have phone logs of all my calls, probably numbering in the range of 50 to 70 calls over about a year of time; that would be great to use in the class action…..

    best wishes.

    david ransin.

  • Patty

    I just got my letter from Onstar today, and was never informed by the dealership of the outdate problem. I called Onstar customer service and spoke to 3 agents there, called GM in Detroit and even the dealership. No one wants to do anything but offer to sell me a new GM vehicle and give me a free year of Onstar. They uped the auntie and offered $500 of Onstar on a new GM vehilce. They have the gall to think I am stupid enough to buy another GM vehilce after this!!! Forget customer loyalty! Forget brand loyalty! I may never buy a GM vehicle again. Class action suit anyone?

  • Terry Dewhurst

    I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and I purchased a 2004 Audi A8L in December 2003. I have been writing to Audi Canada and Audi America since the fall of 2007 to complain about the loss of the OnStar service. On Tuesday, February 5, 2008 I received the first positive response. I got a call from a lady named Diane from Audi America. She said that Audi America was sorry for the problem but they are trying to solve at least part of it. She said that Audi has decided to embark on a research and development program. The target of the program is to find a service which will provide the 911 feature for Audis which used to have OnStar. Diane said the target was to have a substitute by the end of 2008. She apologized for the delay but said she hoped this would relieve some of my aggravation. Of course, this service would not replace the "tourist" information features of OnStar, but is intended to replace the safety feature. Diane said it would be patterned after the "Blue Tooth" service. I have heard of Blue Tooth but I know nothing about it.If anyone would like to talk to Diane the phone number she gave me is 866-892-2834. She said the number is valid in both Canada and the United States.Has anyone else received similar information?Terry Dewhurst

  • Rich Brenner

    I have a 2002 GMC Envoy and received a letter today that for $15 GM will convert my analog Onstar to digital. The only requirement is that I sign up for a year subscription to OnStar at regular price.

  • Bill in Texas

    I was just talking to a service writer for Buick here in Dallas. He says the OnStar caved in and made a digital retrofit for 2002 forward LeSabers. He said I was out of luck on my 2005 PA. He thought there were not enough PA to justify the upgrade. Bill in Texas

  • Jim Veneklasen

    I too have just received a letter from Onstar, advising me about the termination of Onstar analog service. I would be more than happy to join a Class Action lawsuit if someone starts one. GM should have informed me of this when I bought my new 2004 Trailblazer, specifically because of the Onstar.

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