The new 32GB Memory Stick Pro-HG

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memory_stick_pro_hg.jpgSanDisk and Sony have planned to begin development on the new Pro-HG Memory Stick in January 2007, and will likely ship later in the year. Using an enhanced, 8-bit parallel interface and conventional serial and 4-bit parallel interface, data transfers will max out at 480Mbps, nearly three times the rate of the current Memory Stick Pro, and have increased capacity. The card is intended for real-time recording of high-resolution video and still images which can require large, high resolution data transfers. The good news is that the MSPro-HG is an extended format of the MSPro cards, so either card can be used in the same reader. Phew – at least it isn’t another out-of-the-blue, completely new Sony storage media.

Memory Stick PRO-HG Specs:

  • Dimensions: Duo size (31 × 20 × 1.6) mm
  • Connector Pin: 14-pin
  • Capacity: 32GB (format maximum) (NOTE: This data does not guarantee that Memory Stick PRO-HG 32 GB media will be introduced to the market. Memory Stick PRO-HG product lineup is not yet fixed. Memory Stick PRO HG recording capacity, transfer speed etc. will depend on specifications of compliant host devices.)
  • Max. Data Transfer Rate: 480 Mbps (theoretical)
  • Min. Write Speed: 120 Mbps (As of 8-bit parallel transfer); 40 Mbps (As of 4-bit parallel transfer)
  • Operating Voltage: 2.7 to 3.6 V
  • Interface: 8-bit / 4-bit parallel I/F and Serial I/F
  • Max. Clock frequency: 60MHz
  • Copyright Protection Technology: MagicGate

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  • J Boogy


  • Dave

    ok would the PSP be able to use it , or is there a limitation of somekind ? and if so are modded/hacked psp limited ?

  • Jaime

    PSP can use it.. its compatible with memory stick pro.. and this is compliant with mem stick pro devices.. hacked psps are not limited to not reading it.. except that it has the same transfer and read speeds of normal mem sticks

  • tf card memory on sale

    32GB….kidding…? SO the speed is the most important detail!!

  • efrain714

    buy 2 mirco sdhc cards and use an adapter i tried it already. i was able to put about 56 original psp games and snes emulator and nes emulator all the games on it. it will cost u about 7$ for the adapter and 45$ for each 16 gb mico sd cards. about $100 dollars total.

  • Andrew

    Wow! – Dec 14th, 2006!

    Where/when/will this card ever actually be available…? Well over 2 years ago, and it would still be a hot new item if they announced it today!

  • efrain714

    it's only available in china or ebay type in mem stick pro duo adapter micro sdhc.

  • ega

    it"s very-very cool that was cool

  • Shawn Timken

    When will this 32Gb Mem. card be available for puchase??

  • Shawn Timken

    Or get on the market, differently said, cuz I can´t seem to find any websites that sells em'.