Monsoon’s HAVA offers benefits beyond TiVo and SlingBox

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Monsoon HAVA slingbox

Monsoon’s HAVA is a new device that has all of the functionality of a Slingbox but with more features and capabilities and double the video resolution – plus it’s completely wireless. HAVA does much more than the Slingbox. The software that comes with it allows for recording, placeshifting, timeshifting, scheduling (like TiVO), and unlike Slingbox, more than one person can log in and watch the same program.

The HAVA can also function as a wireless tuner card for Microsoft Media Center PCs. It “tricks” a Media Center PC into thinking it is
an installed TV Tuner card, thereby allowing MCE owners to have full PVR functionality without wires and without having to put their computer in their living room.

Monsoon’s HAVA features:

  • Connects to any TV source such as Cable, Satellite, DVD, TiVo or a Camcorder
  • All inputs include a pass-through connector, eliminating the need for splitters when connecting HAVA to home video equipment.
  • Component Input – “HD Ready”
  • Streams video wirelessly – no additional equipment or routers needed
  • Streams video at an average of 8Mbps directly to PCs in the home network in MPEG-2 D1, full screen at 720 x 480 pixels
  • Streams MPEG-2 format over the home network, MPEG-4 format over the Internet
  • VBooster video streaming software technology developed by Monsoon enables DVD-quality wireless video streaming
  • Enables TiVo-like functionality on the PC. Users can record, store, pause, rewind and fast forward stored video
  • Schedule and record programs for later viewing
  • Allows burning of stored material to DVD
  • Windows XP Media Center Edition integration – appears as an installed TV-tuner card

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  • Robert F

    Wonder how much the mounthly fee is? Sounds like a great product