Hydropolis: The world’s first underwater luxury hotel

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HydropolisWow, check out this amazing idea that is about to unravel within the next year or so. The world’s first luxury underwater hotel, Hydropolis, is at this moment under construction in Dubai. The expected opening date is at the end of 2007, which is quite amazing considering the grandiose vision.

The hotel will have two parts. The land station, will serve as the welcoming area, marine biology research centre, restaurant, and cinema among other things. From the lowest level, hotel guests will be transported down towards Hydropolis by using a train system.

The designer and developer of this project, Joachim Hauser, has great plans for similar ventures in the future, and Hydropolis is the first step in accomplishing them.

“We want to create the first ever faculty for marine architecture because I believe that the future lies in the sea, including the future of city planning. I am certain that one day, a whole city will be built in the sea. Our aim is to lay the first mosaic by colonising the sea.”

This indeed sounds and feels like something straight out of a futuristic sci-fi novel, and yet it will soon become a reality. Even though Hauser’s vision of allowing underwater living to become a regular occurrence might come to pass, I have a feeling it might not happen very quickly, considering that it cost around 550 million Euros to get Hydropolis up and running.

Read [ImpactLab]

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  • jessie

    Great so we can polute the sea as well? We've taken over the land, why not destroy all of the earth for cosmetic reasons and personal luxury ….

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  • Corleigh Shortlidge

    When you open your hotel, will you need employees? If so let me know im very interested! Thank you very much!

  • Haifa Hotels

    My first reaction was like "you have to be kidding me" but then i double checked it and man it is true!

    It is a brilliant idea and I think the brains behind it should be given a pat on the back!

  • luxury

    Wow , that great concept. Hydropolis truely the first luxury hotel. Dubai can expect great tourism after its construction.

    Needs appreciation. Engineer's like me are working hard and presenting new thoughts everydays.

    Hydropolis is one of the example. !!!

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