A Wii-duction in price?

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WiisHow does that saying go again? “Patience is a virtue.” Although quite true in many cases, this is one cliché that is especially appropriate for gamers thinking of buying bleeding edge video game consoles at launch. Case(s) in point: look no further than the recent releases of the PS3 and Wii, as well as the Xbox 360 before them.

In all 3 cases, people who were really desperate to get them had to shell out twice or triple the price on Ebay, when they could’ve waited a couple of months and paid the regular price once more shipments came in. You could argue that the people who lined up for days outside the major retailers didn’t wait patiently and still got the console, but try to see it the other way; those are the guys who patiently lined up to get what they wanted, and so did indeed demonstrate great patience.

Now if people would just wait a few months, they might actually get rewarded. For example, there are rumours circulating that Nintendo will re-launch Wii in spring of 2007, with different coloured models (such as those seen in E3), and a price reduction to USD$200! Of course none of this is confirmed, but I don’t see why Nintendo would demo those units at E3 and not release them at all, so there is probably some truth to this rumour.

I think Nintendo has really outmanoeuvred Sony and Microsoft in this battle. They didn’t get sucked into head-on fights and try to build an all purpose entertainment machine (a.k.a. personal computer); instead they built what most people want when they think gaming consoles: a gaming machine at a cheaper and more affordable price. I also think Nintendo knew they were going to reduce the prices in the near future, so that they would gain even more footing in the battle of gaming consoles. We’ll see if that is the case in the spring, and if so, great move Nintendo!

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  • Shaun

    Nintendo are selling the Wii as fast as they can ship them. They are the only console manufacturer making a profit on every console sold.

    So given that info, why on earth would they reduce the price!?

    The colours won't come anytime soon, with shortages already they would foolish to release colours that would leave the less favoured colours on shelves whilst people queued for the favourites.

    The upgrade talk is laughable. The system at best will get a DVD playback feature and possibly more internal flash memory. There won't be any processor upgrades like so many people seem to think. But why pay for either feature, memory is cheap enough as external storage and most people have at least 1 means of playing DVDs already!

  • Georgie

    Nintendo Wii is definitely riding the DS wave, (not that I would blame em).

    To be honest I wonder if the DS wasn't a success would ninty ever go ahead with the wii?

    I think not.

    Suffice to say that I really like this DS-Wii-turn Ninty has taken from my stand point it's the only friggin company that has began to understand the term USER FRIENDLY

    And as for a DVD player I would go for a pay per view download Wii-channel instead of another DVD device.

    Of course that would mean adding on to the wii a massive hard drive but I wouldn't be surprised if that's already on it's way.

    To be honest though good hardware needs good software tons of em.

    Ninty has no problem with in-house titles their reputation as game developers is unmatched their franchises are the best out there.

    The problem is 3rd party support.If nintendo can reel in devs the wii might just overtake 360 at the turn, PS3 is already 3rd place as far as I am concerned just like their PS2 adds appropriately named PS-2 the 3rd place!!

    So far for me the Wii has 3 great must have games.
    Raving Rabbids
    Madden NFL

    Got me all 3… I am a sucker.

  • sanresh

    Nice site you have here..keep it up.

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  • kIsSmYaSs

    Its not a wiiduction it is a reduction. Stop puting wii in the word because it sounds like re. Ok you SOBs? Good.

  • Brian

    Shaun asks why woud they reduce the price?
    If you decrease the price you will also increase the installed base. Since there is way more money to be made in games and accessories this is a strategy to make more money. A proven strategy Nintendo has executed in the past.

  • Kurtis

    A reduction of prices so early on doesn't seem that practical for Ninty to do. As far as gaming companies are concerned they have 2 major strategies to boost sales. The first of which is to release a new or limited edition colour for the console. The second is a price cut. However, these are usually only done once sales have slumped a little. So if the Wii keeps selling the way it has been it'll take a little while for them to decide on the next colour to roll out.

  • K

    A lot of people wait for consoles to drop in price before buying them, no matter the starting price. By dropping the price fairly early they get all those people waiting a lot faster and gain ground a lot sooner.

    Oh, and BTW, Nintendo decided to make the Wii like this because of the DS. They've stated it in interviews.