Google and Apple to team up on iPhone?

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Eric SchmidtThere has been so much talk lately about the iPhone, and today rumors surfaced about an alleged Google phone. It’s not very likely that the two companies will face off against each other – with Google CEO Eric Schmidt being on Apple’s board of directors and all. So tell me…why wouldn’t the two combine forces and shake up the industry?

Ever since Schmidt joined Apple’s board, it has been unclear what the connection between the two companies is, which gives them the perfect opportunity to throw out a curve ball. Think about it… an Apple iPod phone, with Mac OSX lite, a few Google apps pre-loaded, YouTube integration, and Google as the default homepage, of course. The ULTIMATE content phone, wouldn’t you say?

And who knows… maybe Google will subsidize the costs of the device itself. Eric Schmidt seems to believe in that strategy with his comment last month:

“Your mobile phone should be free. It just makes sense that subsidies should increase.”

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  • Steve


  • JP

    I agree with you. Ever since Schmidt's accession to Apple's board and the proliferating phone rumors, I have thought that the Google mobile apps would make sense for an iPhone. The other obvious area for collaboration is a .Mac built on Google's infrastructure.