What the Future Holds: eCoupled wireless electricity will soon charge your gadgets

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eCoupled wireless electricity logoI will try and make this as straightforward as possible, but please remember that we are talking about wireless electricity here, not soap… What is eCoupled technology? Wireless electrical power. It works by transferring energy from one device to another through a shared electromagnetic field.

eCoupled technology can be utilized essentially anywhere traditional power needs exist. Power and data can be efficiently transmitted to virtually any electrical device without wires or constraints. This means that eCoupled allows for intelligent cordless charging of consumer electronics devices such as cell phones, digital music players, cameras and PDAs.

ecoupled wireless electricity light bubeCoupled technology communicates with the object it is powering, allowing for feedback on the operation and status of the powered device. It also reduces or eliminates exposed physical power plug connections and reduces the risk of arcing and shorting by eliminating exposed conductors. eCoupled technology has efficiencies near that of plug and socket connections and allows a “charger” to supply power to one device or simultaneously to multiple devices and can even mix AC and DC power. eCoupled technology allows for the elimination of external ports, instead of plugs and connectors, the primary and secondary need only be placed in close proximity.

Consumers can clearly benefit from new product designs, increased functionality, increased mobility and longer service life, but what will it cost and how long will we have to hold our breath until we can use it? More answers to come at CES…

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  • anonnymous

    I was thinking about this when i w2alked under a train bridge that has electrical wires (for the train) all over it and i was thinking if such a charger existed to charge my ipod by simply standing under the bridge the EM field generated by the electricity in the train wires would be picked up by the charger and it would change it to a safe level for the ipod. 5 volts DC 1 amp

  • Harish Gangadharan

    Another break through technology from the Alticor corp. (parent co. of Amway Corp.)

  • Network 21

    Nice. Not really a necessary technology, more an aesthetic one.
    I wonder if there are any health or radiation issues with the EMFs.

  • Esteban Sperber

    Why this technology is not using in the new aircrafts like DREAMLINER or AIRBUS 380, with the wireless electricty will reduce the shorting and eliminate thosand meters of wires.