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Do you sometimes feel like every file that gets saved on your PC immediately gets lost, never to be seen again? Foundit enables you to get a bird’s eye-view of all your local files; these include Word, PowerPoint, images, web history, email, etc. You can then search within a certain file type or globally, and by keywords or dates. In addition you can begin tagging various files to add context and meaning for the next time you need to search. Finally, you can also save clips or chunks of various files, and tag these to easily create new content from existing files.

From my experience with the product, I feel that the software concept is good but the interface is extremely dull (though it is a beta and aesthetics are least important at this stage in the game). I am just not sure if people really want to download second party programs for searching or other native OS tasks. We can all agree that when it comes to searching, PCs are far behind Macs, although that is supposed to improve with Vista. But is it bad enough that you would download a program?

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