Pimp My PS3; white PS3 now available on eBay

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Oh that’s right! Black is just not good enough in today’s time. Companies need to either color-ize their gadgets or expect West Coast Customs geeks to do it themselves.

The latest device to receive a face-lift is the five week old PS3, going from glossy black to an iPod white for a mere $1,500+ as of now. We all have Popiul99 from Canada to thank for this one, click on over to PS3Center to see how the white PlayStation 3 came to life.

Bid [eBay] Read [Kotaku]

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  • jordan

    make me one

  • Someone.

    May I ask, is it vinyl that you put on the existing shell of the PS3, or a type of paint?

  • lee

    I have a ps3 black shell and I got to say it looks fantastic sat in front of my Philips Ctv Lcd 47" Tv, However its a dust magnet.
    White ps3 "very cool"…



  • RhushMan

    Hello.. i hawe buyed a ps3 skinn :)
    it look great !
    Add me on ps3 my name is RhushMan !

  • Lies

    This is a lie, you can buy a White PS3 in Japan, for 1k less.

  • Jason

    see $99 and they will paint any game console.

  • josh

    yo that is well good cuz it will not get dusty like the black 1 but i think the black 1 looks beter

  • Amun13

    Nice, I still like the Black better =) add me my gammers tag is Amun13

  • Adam Berger

    Personally, I am shocked that Sony promoted the PS3 in white, silver, and black but has only released it in black in the states and now black and silver in Japan. Where is the shiny white love?