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DVORAKFor the majority of people around the world, the only keyboard layout they’ve known is the QWERTY version (named after the order of the key from left to right on the top row). Without being given any other choice, since in most places it’s the only setup offered, people just accept it as the one and only way of typing on modern day keyboards.

But there are some alternatives, the main one being the DVORAK layout. Named after its inventor, Dr. August Dvorak, it’s supposed to make typing faster and reduce strain on your wrists and fingers (it’s estimated that QWERTY fingers travel 16-20 miles a day vs. only 1 mile for DVORAK), thus providing a very intriguing alternative to the QWERTY keyboard.

I personally tried DVORAK a few years back and was on the way to converting, but since I couldn’t dedicate the time to fully learn it (I was working, and had to switch back and forth, making it very difficult) I ended up back with QWERTY (for now at least). I must say that it’s not that difficult to learn (I’m a 80-90 wpm QWERTY typist, and within a week of part time effort I was up to 30 wpm on DVORAK) and easier on the wrists. If you have a couple of weeks to dedicate to typing using a different layout, I’d suggest giving it a go.

To use the DVORAK layout, you’d have to configure it from your control panel, and it’d be different for each OS. There are some instructions on this site to help you out with that. Of course you will still have QWERTY keys on your keyboard, so you can either memorize where the DVORAK ones are, put stickers over the top of the keys, or re-seat the keys such as what this guy did to his Macbook.

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    <a href="HP" rel="nofollow">">HP Laptop Accessories it seems that it is very time consuming to configure it. Is there a video that explains it more in detail?