CES 2007 Keynote preview: Robert Iger, Disney

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Robert IgerRobert Iger, Walt-Disney CEO, will be one of the four major keynote speakers at next week’s CES and today we have gotten a little preview of what the man behind Mickey plans to talk about: the web. In November, the company overall ranked No. 9 among websites visited at home and work, according to Nielsen Netratings, which tracks online traffic (sites include Disney, ESPN and ABC). While ESPN is a love-it or hate-it design, most can agree that sucks. Kids and parents everywhere will be thanking Iger, when he unveils the new design at CES.

This will be just one more step in bringing the Disney company forward from pencil-and-paper cartoons to the digital world we currently live in. Adding ABC shows to iTunes, bringing Steve Jobs and Pixar into the company, offering streaming Disney videos, joining the Blu-ray camp, and reorganizing the entire web division of the company are all steps in the right direction. I just can’t wait to see what else Iger has up his sleeve at CES, a venue at which one would not expect Disney to be a highlight.

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