CES 2007: Philips Press Conference

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Philips Press Conference

PhilipsWe’re getting ready here at the Philips Press conference at CES 2007. Stand by and we’ll begin the live-blog shortly.

VP of Consumer Electronics for Phillips takes the stage. Lucas Covers is filling in for the CEO because he had a high-speed ski collision… ouch. He mentioned that the ushers who escorted us in are wearing the LED fabric.

According to Covers, Philips “re-invented” VoIP. He is speaking of the Skype phones and the Philips/Skype partnership.

Also, the new amBX brings gaming and your senses into one. The unit has speakers, fans (for the wind effect), and more to touch into your senses.

Stuart Muller President of Philips CE America joins Covers on stage to talk about the Ambilight TV. They have offically shipped 1 million Ambilight TVs. He also mentions that they’ve partnered with a De Beirs partner to get the diamonds perfected.


80% of overall TV sales will be flat-panel in 2008. Philips will offer more than 30 new models in 2007. They will be using the “Philips Perfect Pixel HD Engine” to deliver more processing power. Increasing processing power, he mentions, is more critical than increasing resolution.

This year, they will add 3 new sizes to the Ambilight line. New 32″, 47″, and 52″ models are coming.


AmbiSound is now being introduced. Now we’re hearing a demo of the new sound technology. It sounds amazing… but clearly nobody I know will have speakers as high-end as they are playing it on… so this is for all you spenders out there. Now we’re moving on to Surround.


We’re now watching a video of Supreme Commander with the Ambilight, AmbiSound and the amBX (to the Extreme). It completely gets you “into the game.” The games Broken Sword, the Angel of Dealth, and Defcon will be available soon with support for the new Philips technology.


On to Blu-ray. Philips has supported the Blu-ray from the beginning.

25GB dual-layer discs to be launched in the US. And a 50GB blank Blu-ray disc coming to the market this year.

Muller’s now back to VoIP and their partnership with Skype. Not much new in that space.

Digital Imaging

Muller has now moved on to the new Philips Portable DVD Line.

The new portable DVD player from Philips has an internal Memory Card reader (for digital photos), and Video iPod docking is supported as well.

Next the Stremium wireless boombox is also being announced (not much said about this).

Philips Wireless HDMI will deliver HD wirelessly without being interrupted by cellphones, microwaves, etc.

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