CES Preview: Westinghouse’s 2007 LCD line

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Westinghouse logoWestinghouse (originally famous for light bulbs and other glass products but Gadgetell-wise known for 1080p LCD TVs) is planning on showing off their line of 2007 HDTVs, computer monitors and digital photo frames at CES next week.

Westinghouse will continue their 1080p trend with a full lineup of LCD TVs in sizes ranging from 42″ – 52”. They will also show the world’s first LCD monitor with 3840 x 2160 (greater than 8 megapixel) resolution, a 56” LCD Quad Full HD monitor that we expect to deliver stunning picture reproduction. An integrated LCD TV/DVD player will replace CRT all-in-one units (thought I think it should have been a HD-DVD or Blu-ray drive and a matching 1080p monitor). Finally, for the entry-level consumers, there will be a family of LCD HDTVs in an array of sizes from 19” to 42”.

On the monitor and digital picture frame front Westinghouse will show off a 24″ multifunction LCD monitor with beyond 1080p quality (1920 x 1200 resolution) and digital frames with MosaicView technology in 14.1”, 10.2”, 8”, 7” and 5.6”.

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    Westinghouse Digital is not the same company as Westinghouse Electric which does the lightbulbs. They just purchased the rights to use the brand name

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