Additional Apple iTV details will emerge at MacWorld

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iTV apple dvr
As we chat about in our Apple MacWorld post (don’t forget to submit your thoughts to enter our giveaway), there is a ton of speculation regarding what Apple will do in 2007. As MacWorld 2007 quickly approaches (it begins Tuesday of next week), we are starting to get reports of what Steve Jobs will address in his keynote.

Back at Apple’s “It’s Show Time” event in September, Steve Jobs decided that it was time to reveal Apple’s entry into your living room via a home A/V wireless streaming device dubbed the “iTV.” Jobs said that the device would hit stores in Q1 of 2007 but did not provide a more precise time. AppleInsider has reason to believe that the iTV will be a part of the keynote address — we may actually even get final specs — but consumers should not expect the unit to hit stores for a few more months. It seems that Apple has run into a few snags getting Mac’s OSX operating system to run in a new media function (ala a Windows XP/Vista Media Center Edition competitor).

When released, you can expect the device to have Ethernet, USB, Wi-Fi, component video, HDMI, optical audio, and although not yet officially announced, I expect it to have an internal hard drive (to add DVR functionality), all for a price tag around $299.

iTV apple dvr

The shared software foundation between Macs and iTV also paves the way for Apple to more closely tie the streaming media device to the upcoming iLife ’07 and Leopard operating system releases, of which several features remain “top secret.” And it’s almost a sure bet that Jobs & Co. will be up for some disclosure in that regard as well come next Tuesday.

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  • Craig L. Davis

    Hmmm… I'm skeptical about the Hard Drive speculation for DVR functionality, as there's no Tuner built-in. Once Apple (and FrontRow) has built-in support for watching and recording Live TV (including HD), it will be quite a contender in the home entertainment space.