Toshiba to release line of USB portable external hard drives

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Toshiba DriveToshiba’s Storage Device Division (SDD) will soon release their line of USB portable external hard drives, which represents their first venture into the North American market with these products. The drives will be in a 2.5” form factor and come in sizes of 100GB, 120GB, and 160GB. They’re expected to start shipping in the spring of 2007, with prices starting at $139.99.

Some of the nice features of these drives are:

  • Touchless On/Off: all the drives will be powered by the USB 2.0 port (2 USB ports if using USB 1.1), so if the computer goes off / USB cable is unplugged, the drives will automatically be switched off as well.
  • Touchless Backup: more of a software feature (NTI Shadow), allowing preset backup conditions to automatically determine when to back up and what should be backed up without the need for the user to start anything manually.
  • Style: the black aluminium housing and blue indicator light provides a professional and elegant look for the drive.
  • Size: compact and easy to carry for people on the go.

According to Toshiba, the drives will be protected with their “all new, patent pending” shock mounting and ventilation system, as well as a 1 year limited warranty for consumers’ peace of mind.

With the growing need for data storage on PC’s, these external HDs provide a simple and easy way of adding space once an internal HD gets filled up. The issue with some drives are that they’re in a larger form factor and use external power supplies, which adds to the clutter around the PC. By using the USB port(s) as power supply and making them a smaller 2.5″ form factor, Toshiba has handled these issues quite well.

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