Universal Remote Control, FX1

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Universal remote fx1
Universal Remote Control (yes that is both the name of the company and their product), released the FX1 today at CES. The FX1 controls up to five audio/video components, including TVs, DVD players, VCRs, satellite receivers, music servers and cable set-top boxes as well as lighting controls and more. It comes with a database of thousands of pre-programmed codes, so you don’t need to go back to school and get a programming degree. It also includes two new functions — MacroPower and SimpleSound. MacroPower lets you turn several A/V components on or off at the same time. SimpleSound provides you with ‘one-touch’ control over the volume functions on all their components, including on devices such as TiVo, DVD players and VCRs that do not have built-in volume controls.

There are 44 soft-touch buttons that light up for viewing in dark environments, and an ergonomic design. The FX1 is available now for $19.95.

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