Pioneer releases new AV receivers for CES and includes both XM and Sirius

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VSX-1017TXV Pioneer AV ReceiverAs we reported… Pioneer has announced the new VSX-517, VSX-817, VSX-917V and VSX-1017TXV. All four Pioneer receivers are outfitted with enhanced sound processing (DSP) technologies including Sound Retriever and Front Stage Surround Advanced which are designed to improve the audio quality of movies and music in an array of room spaces. Customization and calibration is easy with Pioneer’s Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration (MCACC) room tuning function, which optimizes sound levels for premium multi-channel performance of high definition devices.

Both XM Connect & Play antenna and SiriusConnect SC-H1 tuner offer complete access to and control of both SIRIUS and XM devices in the single receiver. Even better is the XM HD Surround broadcasts powered by Neural Audio to get true digital 5.1 surround sound in your home.

The VSX-1017TXV offers a direct connection via a separate iPod docking station (IDK-80) to transfer music, photos, and video from your iPod onto your TV (via the receiver). With the remote control and on-screen display capability, users can navigate the playlists from the player itself.

The VSX-917V and VSX-1017TXV offer HDMI video switching to compliment your growing selection of HD sources.

Each receiver offers full sound processing for Dolby Digital DTS, Dolby Pro Logic IIx and Windows Media Audio 9 Professional for audio playback of movies, home movies, portable music and more. Pioneer’s top-of-the-line VSX-1017TXV A/V receiver has THX Select 2 certification and processing to deliver high-impact sound performance for an array of sources in rooms up to two thousand square feet.

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  • hdtv antenna geek

    VSX-1017 direct connection and HDMA switching is cool but you pay a lot for it. All 1xxx series costs nearly 3x of the 5xx series :-(

  • Kyle

    Where is the HDMI 1.3 ???? Would be nice to see the uncompressed audio formats supported….