Dell’s CES announcements

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Topping Dell’s CES 2007 bragging list is their Dell UltraSharp 27 in. LCD Display with TrueColor technology. Targeting the display at gamers and video editors, they claim it is “the first 27-inch display on the market to provide 92% color gamut coverage of the NTSC color space.” It has a max resolution of 1920×1200 WUXGA, a 1000:1 contrast ratio, an integrated 9-in-2 media card reader, four USB 2.0 ports and a three-year warranty. It’s currently available in the US for $1,399.

dell_xps710h2c.jpgTo pump some digital visual goodness into that display, Dell’s also announced the XPS 710 H2C, a desktop gaming system with dual hard drives, two-stage cooling, dual optical drives, dual processors and dual nerds a droolin’. It comes in a midnight black case and pre-overclocked. The H2C’s cooling system, called Black Ice, has a liquid-to-air heat exchanger (which they compare to a car’s radiator) and a fluid chiller with ceramic-based thermoelectric cooling (TEC) modules. The XPS 710 H2C Edition starts at (*gulp*) $5,499 and is currently available worldwide.

Yep, plan to plop down more than $6900 for the display and PC but it should prove to be a pretty dern good gaming setup (at least it better be for that price).

On the less expensive side of their announcements is the Dell E228WFP 22-inch Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor, featuring a 5 millisecond response time and 1680×1050 max resolution. It’s available now starting at $329.

Lastly is the Dell Home Media Suite, a hardware/software bundle that will basically allow customers to receive digital cable (including high-definition) and view or record it onto a PC. The yet-to-be-priced suite will be available in the US after Windows Vista is released later this month (theoretically).

The Home Media Suite will include:

  • XPS 410 core 2 duo PC with 2GB memory, 1 terabyte RAID disk array and DVD/RW drive
  • Creative Precision Monitor speakers
  • Full suite of entertainment software
  • Creative Live! Voice webcam
  • 27-inch flat panel monitor
  • Dell Photo All in One 966 printer
  • Linksys 802.11 draft N band router
  • Linksys powerline AV bridge
  • Digital cable tuner for premium HD TV

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