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Sling Media Inc. is releasing another box-top TV signal grabbing device later this year. Similar to the currently available SlingBox, the new SlingCatcher grabs and redirects TV signals to software compatible devices. The new box connects to a TV using RCA, HDMI, Component, S-Video and Composite cables and includes a built-in wireless adapter and an Ethernet port so you can connect to a networked PC. (The image of the back also shows two USB ports.) The SlingCatcher is expected to cost around $200 when released later in 2007 and will work with SlingPlayer and SlingProjector software. See our other post for more information about SlingPlayer.


Sling Media has hinted that more software will be announced closer to the hardware’s release, further indicating that an intermediate computer (PC or Mac) may no longer be necessary to redirect the signal. That’d be especially nice since the people at home watching TV might not appreciate someone mysteriously changing channels from afar. (Big Brother or Big Sister could quite literally – and annoyingly – be watching.) All of the Sling products are on display at CES 2007.

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