Razer’s upcoming cutting-edge peripherals

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razer_logo.jpgIf you like a little extra bling in your PC peripherals, Razer has a couple computer mice (or is that mouses?), an iPod keyboard and speakers they’re pimpin’ at CES 2007.


First, the tunage. The Razer Mako 2.1 is a bi-amplified speaker system, THX certified with THX Ground Plane and THX Slot Speaker technologies. It has a frequency range of 30 to 20,000 Hz, 6 channels, 300W and includes an amplified headphone port on a wired remote. (BTW: Mako is a type of shark with razer sharp teeth. Get it?)


Next are two gaming mice, the Razer DeathAdder and the Pro|Click. DeathAdder is an 1800 dpi 3G infrared sensor mouse with 1000 Hz Ultrapolling 1 ms response time, and five large, programmable non-slip buttons bundled in a right-hand form factor design (sorry lefties). The Razer Pro|Click Mobile Bluetooth notebook mouse may be just a l’il guy but has a 1600 dpi sensor, an always-on mode, seven (yep, that’s seven) programmable buttons and a gold-plated USB connector.


Finally they have two new keyboards to brag about: The Pro|Type and Reclusa. The Razer Pro|Type is the first keyboard – that I know of – to incorporate an iPod dock. In case you actually need to type with the thing, it includes ten customizable profiles with on-the-fly profile switching, 10 programmable keys and two USB ports (my favorite feature for a new gen keyboard).


The Microsoft Reclusa gaming keyboard that includes two gold-plated USB razer_keyboard_shiny.jpgports (snazzy), ambient backlighting, 6 programmable buttons including two 360 degree jog dials, two side bumper buttons (for pinball applications, I presume), blue LED backlit keys (oooh, shiny), and a detachable wrist pad. It will be available March 2007 for $69.95. One feature that will likely be overlooked yet supremely appreciated by gamers on the go is the Smart Cabling System, where the USB cable can be shortened and stowed in the keyboard’s casing.

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  • Jay

    If the backlight feature is brighter than my Saitek Eclipes 2 , I'll buy it!!!

  • Andrew Smith

    I have a Razer Tarantula Keyboard and a Razer Diamondback mouse, I'm definately picking up the Mako speakers and I hope someday Razer decides to make a gaming mic headset.

    Their products can be pricey but well worth it

  • Mishke1

    Andrew…you are joking right? I hope if you weren't, by now you have found the barracuda headset, available for quite a while now and they frikkin rock! I have yet to get the AC-1 sound card, but the headset sounds good without it.

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