The Venice Project shall now be known as Joost

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Joost logoAs you may already know, the founders of Kazaa and Skype, Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis have created another blockbuster. Until recently, the new IPTV service has been referred to as The Venice Project, but now it has come out that it will be called Joost. I’m sure somewhere along the line this was a planned leak, but we’ll play along and act like it was “found.”

Yesterday, we were The Venice Project™. Today, we’re Joost™. Tomorrow, we’re yours! Imagine having infinite choice, and TV that is truly interactive. TV anywhere, anytime…

Just after the news leaked of the name change, The Venice Project’s website changed over to’s name servers. We’ve got a couple of beta test invites left, so we’ll pick 2 random commenters below to share with.

Check out Joost

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  • Chris

    I can't believe those guys are at it again. First Kazaa, then Skype, now Joost.

    Pick me for a Beta invite please!

  • Daniel Bice

    I love skype.
    I will also love to beta test.
    Did I mention how much I love this site?
    I meant to , no really.
    Seriously I stuggle to see how well this would work on a large scale deployment, but I would love to be wrong on this one.


  • Ravenii

    Doug, I think it is a boost to Skype founders, but the reason for this comment and the post on my site is try stop that randomness here and get an invite for me.

  • Graham

    Been waiting ages for a good IPTV service – the time has come… it's going to be awesome :) Would REALLY LOVE to have a look at / be a part of the beta..

  • Neil

    Please send me an invite, the TV is very very very very very very very very very very very poor in New Zealand.
    I need a new outlet. A new vision. A Joost invite???
    (It'll be good to test it's distance too, right over t'other side o't'world)

  • Daniel

    Pick me! Would love to test :)

  • Norm

    Hi! I'd love to get an invite, thanks very much!! my address is norm

  • Gal

    The name is nice.
    Would love to be a tester

  • Jason

    Cool can't wait to try it.

  • philton

    Dear Doug;
    Thank you for posting the Joost news.
    Please, if possible may I have a Joost invite?
    Thank You.

  • j

    yeah it was an " leak " yeah that explains why the sudden change over occured really it seems to have been set up to the last but hey it worked didnt it if it didnt do as it was supposed to we wouldnt be on about it now would we……..

  • Robbie

    This is a really exciting time for television and I was wondering when someone would finally handle online television correctly. This may be it (hopefully).

    I'd love to be a tester! (if not, I guess I'll just have to wait a little longer..)

  • Simon

    I'm sooo bored! Can I play with Joost please? Ta! :-)

  • Brian

    Count me in.

  • Daniel

    I just gotta get an invite – I'm sick of waiting sometime years in Australia to get decent TV and would like to avoid the copyright police with my current trend of downloading them as torrents. I'd love the chance to beta test this new technology!

  • Snootch

    It would be great to get a invite…. thanks!

  • sabayonhead

    I'd love to work on porting this to Linux! Sounds like a great conecept idea. Avid user of skype and a meterologist. I could think of some cool conent 😉

  • Luiz

    Hi, I am from Brasil and would like an invite to beta-test Joost



  • Tony

    This concept is great… and is likely to succeed with the developers skype and kazaa history

    Also would like to hear more about sabayonhead's comment of porting to linux… and add that I would also like to see it integrated into XBMC.

  • Ben

    Joost in the new year. 😉

  • mac

    Joost me baby,Full screen streaming, seems too good to be true. heard reports of picture resolution not quite up to it yet. Going to put some broadband suppliers to the test

  • SePPiE

    This could be the next great thing after dubble whoppers with cheese and bacon…

    If anybody has an invite to spare for me, that would be awesome!

  • Harry

    I am too poor to Pay for Cable connection or Buy a TV. All i have is a PC with net, Please give me a invite as i would really appreciate this and send you thank you mail in your regular mail for next 20 years.

  • thambi


    Joost opens a window to the culture and knowledge of many nationalities whose language i do not speak. the right opportunity to learn


  • Helen

    Living in HK, not a lot of option on TV. An invitation would be great! Thanks

  • Jed


    I would like an invite too if there are any available. I am from Taiwan and the TV here is terrible.

    I do use the TVU program to watch US TV stations but I am quite sure that anything from Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis will definitely be phenomenal.

  • parul


    i love tv, n regardless of an invite or not, nethin tat combines television and the internet is fantastic! why didnt i come up with it is wat im askin myself?!! im jus wonderin how fast it is likely to be? there will be a high demand, especially from all of us livin in africa, where we got nothin much to do apart from watch tv n chat! goodbye messenger, and goodbye utube!

    i loved kazaa, but was never fond of skype. i hope joost lives up to our expectations….

  • Jennifer

    wow. I wish I had known about this sooner.

  • Christian

    This is truly awesome, would love to be a beta tester for the next revolution on the net!!!!

  • Rachit

    Heyy !!!

    Can I get an invite as well ?


  • Daniel


    Does anybody have an invite for me?


  • Eden

    I'm sure Joost is better than New Zealand's bland pallette of so-called TV.
    Would an invite be possible? Please?

  • Christian Bøhlke

    Finally! Hope it is gonna be a succes! Living in a small country like Denmark TV is useless thing if you would to watch something out of the ordinary, no room for the narrow tv watcher :-( Would sooooo much like an invite if anyone feel like giving some away :-)

    christian dot bohlke at gmail dot com

  • Ivanushka

    Hi there! :o)
    it would be great to get a invite to joost! please please please pleeeeeease :o) I'm a good tester i'm the BEST tester at this small planet!

    my mail ivan()ivanushka(dot)com

  • Yael

    Hi there,
    I would love to get an invitation.
    A tester in Venezuela.

  • Karma

    Me wants a joost!

    techlover in UK

  • Nav

    I love emerging technology and would love to be the beta tester for Joost!


  • Samuel Rasmussen

    Love to get an invite, very curious :)

    Denmark, Aalborg.

  • Bhavin

    Hi there! was just googling random things on google and came across this! i would really appreciate an invite to joost! sound very interesting and will be a good procastinating tool during my ongoing exmas!

    Procastination King UK

  • Torben

    I go for an invite if you still have them.

    IMO, content will make or break them, if they get the big players on board, it will work but if they are limited to small content providers and homemade video, they will have too small of a niche ordience to make money of it.

  • Fedel Preudhomme

    Joost is the future of internet Tv and i would love to be apart of it!!!

    If there any invites left please send one my way.

    Thanks in advance and all the best for the new year!

  • spinerazor

    Ok, here's the deal, i really really really want a Joost invite and i know they are hard to come by so, i've been debating what i would do for one and have decided i can spare a kidney, so if there are any people needing a kidney and have an invite lets make a deal :) spinerazor at gmail dot com

  • Mason

    I would also love an invite. If you still have one, please send to .

  • Michael

    i think it is really cool that they have created a online TV!

    i hope that i get an invite!

  • Guy

    Joost is going to be awesome! I am signed up as a potential beta tester but alas I have no invites.

    Anyone who has one to spare, I am super duper keen to try it out. Please send me an invite to (ratinkage at gmail dot com). I will repay you by sending you a postcard from Cape Town, South Africa. Peace out.

  • Gary

    I've come to the conclusion that there are a bunch of Joost invite stalkers. Every blog who has said anything about Joost and hinted at having invites is getting deluged with comments asking for one of those invites!

    I've got a good mind to put mine on eBay… :-)

  • Manos Greece

    Hello !!

    After the third time (Kazaa-Skype-Joost) we can say that they shape our world!! Good Work guys…

    If there is an invite left I would really appreciate it..please :)
    Email it at:

    Thanks !!!

  • Anton Bondar

    Hi there,

    I am also extremely interested in an invite for a joost accout.
    If anybody would be so grateful and send me an invite,
    that would definitely make my day.

    Here is an email: anton[at]antonbondar[dot]com

    Forehand thanks.

    Sincerely, Anton Bondar.

  • Mimmo

    i want a joost invite so bad please pick me :)

  • Nick

    Hello there, i'd love an invite. Thank you very much !

  • Andy

    Hi, sombody please can invite me to Joost?

  • Andres

    Me encantaria poder ensayar este servicio y conocer de que manera se puede colaborar para la television de habla hispana.
    I N V I T E : verseit () yahoo com