Westinghouse’s 2160p Quad HDTV gets a price

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Westinghouse Quad HDTV 2160p

Back before CES, Westinghouse was hyping up their new 2160p Quad HDTV that would be on display at the show. Well, we saw the TV first-hand, and yes it was impressive, but they weren’t really taking all that much pride in it. When we took a booth tour, they pointed at it, said that it is for professionals, and then they moved on. I mean, the TV is 2160p – double the 1080p that is typically referred to as “Full HD” – with that amount of lines, it’s nothing to sneeze at.

On to the news you’re waiting for. Cybertheater is reporting that the new 52-inch Quad HDTV will sell for around $50,000. The only problem is that there’s really no use for such an uber-high-def TV at this point in time. I mean, there’s not even content for it yet. I suppose Westinghouse is really just marketing to designers and other professionals rather than your everyday consumer (pretty obvious by the price tag). More on the Quad HDTV as it develops.

Read [Cybertheater] Via [Gizmodo]

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  • steve matrai

    Yesss! Please make them as soon as possible for us (the consumer). Yes, please start creating content for it, as soon as possible, why. Well, here's my thinking, If I have to pay a few thousand dollars for a 1080p set then I want a 70" to be my first one (plenty of screen and max resolution). At 70", 1080p is NOT impressive, it looks like DVD qual. By making the Quad HDTV's nice and large, getting them to market will start encouragement in creation of content & driving prices down for archive options such as the Hitachi 1TB harddrive or Blue-Ray DVD. One day, I would like to turn on my QuadHDTV and actually see gorgeous detail on every channel even at 70" & I want the price to be $5,000 for the monitor. At this pace, I wonder if ill still be alive when all that happens.

  • Mark Rejhon

    QuadHDTV would benefit 1080p by allowing upconversion of 1080p to 2160p. This is just like today where very good 480p with high-quality upconversion to 1080p, which looks much better and almost HDTV quality.

  • jon

    its not double 1080p its quadruple. hence quad-hd.

  • Stephen

    It's double the lines of resolution, but quadruple the pixels, so you're both right kind of.

  • Sarah

    Yay, they're finally selling 2160p HDTV LCD

    I only wish I could afford one lol

  • Drew from Dover

    The one good thing about 2160p is it will handle both 720 and 1080 without scaling as 720×3=2160 and 1080×2=720. However, I'm still waiting for 120Hz sets to come down in price. I can live with scaled resolution, I won't live with 3:2 pulldown if I can avoid it.

  • Drew from Dover

    Nuts! 1080×2 is 2160, but you knew that. :-p

  • nick

    I will wait till 2015, lol, I will update my tv every five years, so I don't pay too much