Boston hotel to put complimentary touchscreen computers in every room

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seaport_logo.jpgA hotel concierge can be a wonderful thing, pointing you to the best restaurant, finding the freshest deli, helping you get theater tickets and even locating the closest internet access point. Those fancily named guys may soon be out of a job if the Seaportal project catches on.

The Seaport Hotel and Seaport World Trade Center Boston in Boston, MA., plans to eventually provide complimentary touch screen computers with web access in all of its rooms. The computer and installed services, called Seaportal, will consist of a freestanding, flat-panel computer monitor, wireless mouse and keyboard (exact specs not provided). There are already 25 Seaportal computers installed and seaport plans to have 100 rooms outfitted by the end of the year.

The computers will allow unrestricted interment access, essentially eliminating the need to lug a laptop when staying seaside. Seaportal will also promote the hotel’s amenities, include direct calls to hotel services (including housekeeping and, surprisingly enough, the hotel concierge), offer free VoIP calls by BlueNote Networks SessionSuite and provide information about local attractions, and entertainment.

This is another step closer to the Star Trekian, computer-packed society we’ve seen on TV. Let’s hope it is also one step closer to flying cars.

Site [Seaport Boston]

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  • Tara

    I do not see how these touchscreen computers will put hotel concierges out of a job. For one, the computers will market not only the hotel's amenities, but those places of interest that bid the highest or advertise… Now, if the user is able to use filtering websotes like <a href="; rel="nofollow"> which offers OBJECTIVE information on local businesses (weeding out the bidders and focusing on quality), then I can see how a concierge may not be needed.

  • Alex Bell


  • volkan mürekepci

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  • ajay

    I really can't imagine that a hotel is providing touch screen computers.
    It's so amazing information.