MySpace files suit against phamous phishing king

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myspace_richter.jpgSocial networking site MySpace (part of Fox Interactive Media, Inc.) has filed a lawsuit against Scott “Spam King” Richter for violating the federal CAN-Spam Act (aka Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act) and California’s anti-spam statute.

Allegedly, Richter used phished MySpace account information to send email sales campaigns without the page owner’s knowledge. The filing demands monetary compensation (amount not specified) and a permanent injunction barring Richter and his various companies from MySpace.

If found guilty and there is not an out-of-court settlement, the CAN-Spam Act states that each violation is subject to fines of up to $11,000 and include imprisonment, while the California statute adds $1000 for “each unsolicited commercial e-mail advertisement transmitted” with a maximum of $1 million per incident.

Richter has already been sued by Microsoft in 2005/2006 and the New York Attorney General, paying $7 million and $50,000 to NY respectively. Hormel Foods, which owns the questionably tasty SPAM product, stopped Richter’s effort to start up a line of “Spam King” clothing.

With so many cranky companies and the potential to owe many millions more, it’s no wonder Richter likes to settle out of court. Next time, try for a tastier title like “Sausage King” or even “Teenie Weiner King.”


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