How a gadget lover makes a grocery list

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smartshopper_printing.jpgTired of your mom not being able to read that strange word you scribbled on her shopping list?

SmartShopper Electronics, Inc., has developed SmartShopper (SS-101) an electronic handheld grocery list assistant. currently available for $149.99, the item is voice activated, eliminating a fridge filled with notepads ad chicken scratch. You simply press a button and speak your items into the device (and confirm that it heard “bread” and not “brads” on the LCD screen). Right before you head to the store, you hit “Print” and a mini printer will spit out an easy to read, categorized shopping list. You can even tag items that have coupons or require specific quantities. The SmartShopper runs on 4 AA batteries, comes with three rolls of paper, a mounting kit, does not require ink (uses a thermal printer) and is preprogrammed with 2500 items. You can also add more items to the database using an on-screen text pad just in case “Nutella” and “foie gras” aren’t in there.

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