D-Link 3G Mobile Router: Turn Wireless Broadband into Wi-Fi

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D-Link 3G Wireless router

It seems D-Link has filled the gap between mobile broadband wireless connections and good old Wi-Fi with it’s 3G Mobile Router. All you need to do is plug a compatible 3G notebook adapter into it’s CardBus slot, and instantly that UMTS, HSDPA, or EV-DO network can be shared with any Wi-Fi enabled device.

This is excellent for those that would like to save a few bucks (or spend a few more, depending on your data plan) on wireless by using their network adapter at home as well as on the go. Plus, it works just like any other Wi-Fi router if it does not have a broadband card plugged into it, by having 4 additional ports of full duplex 10/100 switches.

The D-Link 3G Mobile router is available in two different models, one for EV-DO (the DIR-450, available now) and the other (DIR-451, available next month) for UMTS or HSDPA networks. This device isn’t the cheapest, setting you back a cool $230.

Product [D-Link] via [Gizmodo]

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  • Melinda

    So, this d link 3g mobile router….I am trying to figure out if it is what I am looking for. I have an aircard on one laptop, and want something to convert that signal to wifi for my other laptop's wireless card. Is this it, does anyone know?

  • Ageorge

    I had the same problem a year ago with a ATT aircard. I purchased a linksys wireless g router for mobile broadband (WRT5463G-AT) that solved my problem. Easy to setup and get working. The only drawback is that the range of this g-router is limited indoors, so I am looking for a n-router to expand my range.

    You should be able to connect the router to laptop via ethernet cable, insert the aircard into the router, then easily connect…it even include WEP encryption. Hope this helps.