TiVo and Amazon pair up to bring Unbox to your TV

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Amazon Unbox TiVo

If you’re sick and tired of watching downloaded videos on your computer monitor, you’ll love TiVo and Amazon’s new offering. Amazon’s Unbox service allows you to watch a library full of films and TV shows on your computer. With their new TiVo partnership, you will now be able to download the videos directly to your TiVo, which is the first offering of this type to be released. For those that don’t want to fork out $300 to the man for that Apple TV, this sounds like quite an attractive alternative.

With the reach of both services, the companies have a great chance at making this become the future of distribution. TiVo’s 1.5 million customers with Series 2 or 3 set-top-boxes will be able to take part in the beta test – which is currently running. Following the beta period, the companies will decide how to proceed and will likely do some hardcore marketing push.

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