Yahoo finally embeds Yahoo Messenger in Yahoo Mail

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Yahoo Mail

Finally realizing that integrating instant messaging with email is a success, Yahoo has decided to build Yahoo Messenger into Yahoo Mail. Starting yesterday, the company began rolling out the service to select users, and plan to fully deploy it over the next serveral months.

As you Gmail / Google Talk users know, Google has had this feature for about a year now. It’s possible that Yahoo simply didn’t want to come off as copying Google’s Gmail, so they waited a year for the hype to die down. Yahoo mentioned that Gmail’s chat functionality is not as integrated as the new Yahoo Mail. I’m not sure how much more integrated it could be, but if you’ve used it, feel free to drop a line in the comments below.

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  • connie morgan

    I forgot my username and password for gadget yahoo messenger. can you help me?

  • JP

    Nice One was waiting for it sooo long back