LG’s Head of Mobile Handset R&D: Apple copied the Prada phone

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LG Prada vs iPhoneAs you can imagine, LG is getting quite a few iPhone-related questions from the press. The new LG Prada phone was released in the shaddows of Apple’s iPhone in January, and to this point, it’s unclear who copied whom – or if there was any copying at all. LG’s Head of Mobile Handset R&D, Woo-Young Kwak must have gotten fed up with the press asking these copied-the-iPhone-related questions and gave them a fact to chew on.

We consider that Apple copycat Prada phone after the design was unveiled when it was presented in the iF Design Award and won the prize in September 2006.

At this point in time, there hasn’t been any statement from Apple regarding the LG Prada phone, but I’m sure they’ll handle this issue under the radar.

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  • daseo eLso

    No, it takes years to make a cell phone, lg should know that. no one copied anyone. Lg is just upset apple stole their show with a better product. Let them have they hissy fit, see what apple cares.

  • Tom

    LG is just trying to get publicity on its phone by talking about the iPhone.

    Not sure how the software will work on the LG… but I'm guessing it won't be half as cool as the mini OSX on the iPhone.