Symantec CEO on Vista: “I see no need for it”

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Symantec CEO John ThompsonIn an interview with CNET, Symantec CEO John Thompson said that he’s in no hurry to switch to Microsoft’s Windows Vista. When Thompson was asked if he has installed vista yet, he made the following statement:

“I see no need for it for what I do online today. The machine that I use is the one provided by our company, and we have not made a commitment to migrate to Vista and therefore there is no reason for me to use Vista.”

Thompson feels that there is no doubt Windows Vista is a more secure operating system as a whole, but for the tasks the average customer performs on their PC, it is not a necessary upgrade. Judging by the interview, however, it seems that he may be making the claims as a part of his own agenda. He mentions “people still need the efficacy that comes with the products that Symantec and others in the industry build..” That line truly changes my view of his position. It appears he’s just fishing for more business in Symantec’s XP solutions since people are already apprehensive to make the switch to Vista.

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  • Owen Patel

    Symantec DOES have Vista solutions: Norton Internet Security 2007, Norton AntiVirus 2007, and Norton Confidential are all Vista compatible. And the upcoming Norton 360 product due in March will also work with Vista.