Sony officially announces PlayStation Home, coming this Fall

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PlayStation Home

In what seems like an effort to fight off the Wii and it’s family friendly image, Sony has gone soft and announced its latest addition to the PS3, PlayStation Home. During their announcement at the Game Developers Conference (GDC), they coined the term Game 3.0, conveniently inlcuding the same “3” that can be found in PS3. Their new product, Home, is a community similar to your traditional MMORPG you hear so much about these days. The 3D virtual world allows you to interact with other players around the world and fork over real money to Sony, of course.

Home will have 3D banner ads (like billboards) as well as offer you special promotions and what not. You will be able to demo the latest games from developers (that probably pay a hefty sum) as well as watch movie trailers. Conveniently however, you can also go Home in the game. Your home is aparently designated an ad-free zone by Sony and is able to be customized however you’d like. Throw up a poster on your wall, change the colors of your room. These are bound to be some of the many ways to customize.

Another sweet feature of PlayStation Home is that you can go into an “achievement” area where you can admire your hard work and accomplishments in all of your other PS3 games. You can also visit another hall and check out the “achievements” you haven’t gotten as well.

All in all, PlayStation Home seems like a great effort by Sony to take over the MMORPG space as well as the console war. Head over to Gizmodo for some screenshots (along with the one above), and of course the NYTimes for more.

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