Intel working on low-power chip for iPhone competitors

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Intel LogoWith the launch of Apple’s iPhone getting closer by the day, mobile phone manufacturers are busy working on competitors – you know, so there’s not another iPod-like market-share in the phone industry. iPhoneIntel CEO Paul Otellini has announced that his company is working on a low-power chip to help Apple’s opposition do wonders. According to Otellini, “Virtually every computer and handset manufacturer is struggling to figure out how they’re going to compete with Apple’s iPhone,” Otellini noted at Morgan Stanley’s Technology Conference. “If we get the power and performance [of the Intel chip] right, it’s going to be a killer combination.”

Unfortunately for phone manufacturers, it’s going to take much more than just a shiny chip to compete.

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  • karl

    I agree about the SDK, and it will be fascinating to see what happens with widgets, if at all?
    I’m just not anxious to sign on to Cingulars pricey data plans.
    I’ll def get it for the mp3, movie, photo, contact and everything else, non web-related.

    Thanks for the insights.

  • michael

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  • DVD to iPhone

    Yes,In my opinion,battery is a big issue when people considering which cell phone to buy.