iTrip for 2nd gen iPod nano

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griffin nano 2nd generation ipod itrip

iTrip nano is designed as a sled with a form-factor that perfectly fits 2nd generation iPod nano to form a single, slender unit. iTrip’s built-in FM transmitter sends the audio wirelessly to the car’s FM radio.

Griffin’s SmartDisplay technology allows the user to view iTrip’s setup and control information on the iPod nano screen. Griffin DistortionFree automatically adjusts output volume for distortion-free play. iTrip satisfies its minuscule power requirements without extra batteries or power adapters, but for convenience features a mini-USB port to allow charging of the iPod while in use.

Griffin’s iTrip for iPod nano (9690-NANOTRIP2), is priced at $49.99 and is now available for shipment.

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