Download Squad’s Top 11 Yahoo Mail Tips and Tricks

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yahoo mail logoDownload Squad has a handy post outlining the top 11 tricks they use everyday with the new Yahoo Mail Beta. Yahoo! Mail beta is Yahoo’s new version of web mail is one of the coolest Ajax applications on the web combined with a beautiful UI which is great fun to work within.

I have a favorite (small) tip in the article. I chose this one due to the fact that I love simplicity.

7. Tip: Hide/Show Viewing Pane – Just hit the letter V on your keyboard to have more space to organize your folder. Hit V again to reopen the message preview.

Another handy tip which I found useful was the ability to send a message without taking my hands off the keyboard.

11. Tip: Send Message Now – By using the Crtl + Enter Key you can send a message you are composing instantly. No more hunting for the send button.

It’s a very good read, recommended to anyone who uses Yahoo! Mail. Along with the article there are also many in-signtful comments below the fold with even more tips and tricks.

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