So who’s space is it?

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questionmark.gifNews Corp, owners of the extremely popular social networking site “” has reared its ugly corporate head by removing the freedom to customize personal pages. Users of the pages can create photoblogs, slide shows, using any form of self-expression to let the world know just who they are as long as they or anyone else is not making money off of it. However other small companies have found ways to cash in by providing users with video clips embedded with ads or selling music without permission.

A music store called Hookah owned by INDIE911 out of Los Angeles has been added to certain pages in an effort to play music and also generate revenue. While this helps artists everyday on the music end of Myspace, it is considered a violation of terms and services between users of the site and News Corp. It seems Myspace is likened more to a child having room in their parents’ house versus a room of their very own. With rules and terms of services that only apply when it takes away from the father or in this case NewsCorp. I say Myspace should let it go, or maybe we were wrong all along and the “My” in Myspace really refers to NewsCorp telling us it belongs to them.

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