Franklin CDU-550 USB EVDO modem

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Franklin CDU-550 Mobile EVDO USB ModemFranklin Wireless is going up against the big guys by releasing their own EVDO modem. The CDU-550 Mobile Broadband USB modem works on your PC, laptop, Windows Mobile platforms (for handhelds and UMPCs), Linux platforms, and Macs. The USB mobile broadband modem enables wireless subscribers using Tablet PC, Macs, laptops, and desktops without a PCMCIA card slot, to connect to the Internet with broadband-like speeds. Unfortunately for those of us with devices released within the last 2-3 years — your once mobile device has a big USB dongle sticking out of it.

“The CDU-550 was developed for the user who wants wireless access without being limited to hotspots,” explained Mr. O.C. Kim, President of Franklin Wireless. “There are many cards available, but only the Franklin Wireless CDU-550 is multi-platform, having a cross-platform feature that is not available anywhere else in the market. Additionally, it is the only USB mobile broadband product that supports the Linux system.”

Franklin Wireless products are marketed through Original Equipment Manufacturers (“OEMs”) and distributors, as well as directly to operators and end users.

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  • steve

    Yes, this is not really new news…and why would anyone want that devise now that the U720 usb modem is out with Rev A and GPS built in? You can even get it Free here:

  • Michael


    The CDU-550 has been shipping since August 2006. You can read a review of it at:

    <a href="</a&#62;