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T-MobileAs usual most carriers are raising prices, this time mostly with SMS. T-Mobile has joined its rivals by increasing it’s rates for SMS, yet decreasing it’s MMS prices. Boy Genius confirmed the SMS-hike by canceling two lines he had. We all know what happens when a carrier starts charging more…we all move. But when we decide we’re going to move, we get slammed with cancellation fee’s, most times around $200, except when a material change (like a price increase) are added to your contract.

You can still save yourself $200 and get out now. So if you’ve ever thought about moving, now is your chance. Cingular (iPhone anyone?) seems like a popular choice, but isn’t each carrier just worse than the next, ugh!

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  • Dmitriy

    I already called T-Mobile about this. Most customer service reps will not let you get out now, as the change is only happening June 1st. When that date rolls around, then you can cancel your contract.

  • Richard

    So does this mean that after June 1st that I can cancel my service with T-mobile and not have to pay the $200 Cancellation fee?

  • Billy

    You can only avoid the T-Mobile $200 early termination fee… IF, AND ONLY IF, you started a new contract or renewed a contract AFTER June 28th, 2008!!!!

    Read your contract's fine print before switching to another carrier!!

  • Melissa

    OK I renewed my contract last year December 2008, and totally regret it that phone is nothing but problems. Therefore, I want to switch companies. Do I qualify in not paying that early termination fee?


    Unfortunately "under a 2 year contract" I got three phones with TMobile under a family plan a year ago, one of these phone got wet and never work again so I went with MetroPCS to replace this phone. I still having two phone with TMobile both are already old, the keyboard doesn't work correctly and caused me trouble dialing not even the 911 if I need it for en emergency I willnot be able to call the police or the ambulance because the #9 doesn't work at all. I called TMobile to have a replace phone but they want me to renew my contract for 2 more years just to change one of my phones also paying a fee for the phone. I can't afford to be attached 2 more years with them and I can't afford to cancel my contract because I must pay them $600 money I don't have now. From 3 phones one works ok, the second half way and the third is already in the trash. I called several time explaining I can't pay the early cancellation because I am unemployed, We are also in Bankrupcy because our financial situation is very bad, I lost my house and many important things and I have no money at all, But making a sacrify I am paying my bill every month and TMobile doesn't help me at all. I will prefer to go with MetroPCS because there is no contract and buy the cheapest phone so I can have the freedom w/o contracts and pay a fairly rate every month but TMobile has the power to make me pay the $600 for the early cancellation If I will leave. What can I do? I need to get out of this contract (SIGNED BY PHONE) they said was an electronic contract while they were offering me new phones adn I agree with I don;t remember what else. I never signed anything by hand everything was done on the phone. I don't even know my phones has no warranty if get broken or stolen, I don't even know that my contract was for 2 years instead one, I don't even know that I will have to pay $200/line if I make an early termination. My equipments are 50% working and I have no clue what to do, just very frustrated and without any help at all. I would like you to reply me back and tell me what can I do in this case? Thank you very much! and have a blessing day.

  • Lynn

    What if they kept changing your contract date. See I was getting crapy service and I called and they changed my plan. When they changed my plan they moved my contract date up. I was not told this was happening I called to cancel my phone and they said that I owed the $200 early termanation fee. I told them that I would not pay it. That I would pay what my bill had been and my last bill of usage and they refused. So what would you do in my case.

  • Kaymen

    tmobile just sucks!! i get no service where i live :/ and they just got the new "unlimited talk & text for 2 lines for 79.99$ a month!!' pla.

    bull crap!!
    i fell for it. and i was charged around 300 dollars this month just to switch my plan!! when the representative i spoke with, never mentioned a 35$ activation fee. on top of that, i now owe 250.20$ for my next bill?? excuse me, but that doesnt sould like 79.99$ to me!!
    oh, and the price for internet on my phone went up another 5.00$
    was anyone else aware of that??
    i think this is rediculous.
    and i called and tried to cancel my plan with them all together, that was a no go. they said i still have to pay 400.00$ to cancel my plans.

    but is that right? do i if i was mis informed?
    and if i was never aware of the raised prices of the internet?
    please tell me!!