iPod widgets to calculate tips, play with colors

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TipKalcI’ve heard of widgets on my computer, and games on the iPod, but never have I heard of widgets on your iPod. The widgets, designed by Koloroo, load onto your iPod and run similar to a game, except they help you with life-oriented issues.

The first, TipKalc, is a small calculator widget that helps you tip correctly when you’re eating out. With TipKalc you spin your click-wheel until you reach the bill amount and the widget will 15% and 20% tips, the total amount the bill will total to as well as the amount each person would pay if you happen to be in a group and are splitting a bill. Next up is KolorWheel. KolorWheel is a great little accessory that provides you with scientifically formulated color schemes to match your website, home, shirt…basically anything.

Both are great little tools to keep in your arsenal when on the go. TipKalc is priced at $14.99 but is available for just $4.99 as an introductory offer, and KolorWheel for $7.99. Both widgets are available for Mac and PC.

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