Philips’ Xenium NRG phone able to use a AAA battery

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Philips AAA Batteries Have you seen the mobile phone recharging booths springing up in airports across the US? In case you don’t have your charging cable on you or just can’t find an outlet (since every one is taken by someone with a laptop computer or DVD player), you pay a fee, plug in your phone to the appropriate port and get a quick charge.

What if you could instead use a regular ol’ AAA battery? C’mon ladies, you know you have one or two spares at he bottom of your purse (men – don’t even ask why). Philips Electronics has announced that its upcoming Xenium NRG mobile phone will have an extra battery compartment that will do just that.

When your main battery charge goes dry you can pop in any type of AAA battery – rechargeable or disposable – and get up to three extra hours of talkin’ or textin’ time (and a week of standby time). Philips claims the main Li-ion battery will allow up to a month of standby and 10 hours active use, so chances are pretty good you’ll not often need the AAA backup unless you never get used to charging your phone.

Even cooler, keep a rechargeable AAA battery in the compartment and the the phone will recharge both the main and the backup when plugged in. No word on the price or exact release date for the Xenium NRG but it is expected to be available late 2007. No word on how many other cell phone companies are crying because they didn’t think of this first.

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