Belkin USB/iPod hubs plug excess desk holes

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If you’ve ever owned a computer desk then you know about those holes usually used to feed wires through. But what if you have a laptop, or if you just don’t use them, those holes seem sort of pointless. Well Belkin has a nice little accessory to plug those holes while adding some functionality.

Belkin’s no stranger to USB hubs and iPod docks so it’s no doubt they’d integrate them into something like this. The USB hubs are available in a slanted front-access version or a flush-mounted version, each of the four-port hubs will run you $39.99 when Belkin decides to unleash them. For the iPod users out there looking for yet another docking alternative, the $39.99 In-Desk Dock will provide the obvious connection for charging/syncing while still covering that gaping hole.

Product Page [Belkin] via CrunchGear]

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