Wii Virtual Console update: Star Fox 64, TMNT and Dragon’s Curse

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This is a fairly decent week for the Wii Virtual Console. First is the 3D flight game, Star Fox 64, along with a single-player version of sidescrolling Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game (just in time for the movie release). The third, Dragon’s Curse, may not be nearly as namely as the others but still looks to be a fun RPG.

Here’s a summary of each:

Star Fox 64Star Fox 64 (Nintendo 64, 1-4 players, 1,000 Wii Points): This was the first game to incorporate the infamous Rumble Pack but, of course, it’s not really a WiiMote feature. You are a fuzzball pilot who needs to complete 15 and defeat the Andross the interplanetary tyrant. Shoot, dodge and shoot s’more. Good times.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES, 1 player, 600 Wii Points): I’m pretty bummed this isn’t the multiplayer version, but oh well. In this sidescrolling platformer you play as one of the four classically named green good guys on a mission to rescue hottie reporter, April O’Neil, from Shredder. You’ll fight The Foot ninjas. eat pizzas to regain your strength as you bounce across rooftop, through the sewers and Shredder’s Technodrome.

Dragon’s Curse
Dragon’s Curse (TurboGrafx16, 1 player, 600 Wii Points): Another side-scrolling game, this role-playing adventure involves collecting gold, various items and of course beating up a few level bosses. You start as a cursed Lizard man, eventually morphing into Mouse Man and so on, each with unique abilities.

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