PSP gets $30 price drop

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Sony PSP
It seems the ever so un-popular gaming system from Sony received a price drop today after units sat on shelves at retail stores. The first to advertise the drop was Gamestop/EB Games dropping the price to $169.99, bringing the PSP more into the price range of it’s surprisingly popular neighbor, the DS Lite.

The new price drop raises speculation around a PSP2 being released in the not-so-distant future. But, if you don’t have a PSP now might be the time to jump, especially with the recent drop to a more reasonable price range, and don’t forget all the features as a media player as well as having some good game titles still available.

Read [GamesIndustry] via [Engadget]

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  • Ben Mueller

    [[surprisingly popular neighbor, the DS Lite]]

    No, the DS is by far the superior system.

    The only "must have" game for the PSP is Luminess, which is now available on XBLA… which renders the PSP completely useless. $169.99 is about triple what it's worth. Then again, they could be handing out PSPs and I still wouldn't want one.

    The DS, on the other hand, is awesome. Great games, with more and more of them support online play. The DS is a better buy by far.

  • abdul shukoor

    i want a sony psp in the rate of $30