Users create petition in favor of XM/Sirius merger

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XM Sirius logo satellite radioAs hard as it is to believe, many XM users don’t seem to want Howard Stern on their receivers. However, many users do and believe the two competing companies, XM and Sirius, should merge. Users have created a petition for the merger, encouraging new sattelite radio companies to pop up and compete. The petition can be signed online by anyone, and is targeted at gaining attention from members of Congress as well as the FCC.

There are several ways to support the merger. You can write a letter to the FCC, sign the petition, or send a letter over to NAB. Opinions must be heard in order for this merge to occur.

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  • Fernsehturm

    Well, as someone who works for the NAB and so has a stake in this, I'd like to point out that a satellite radio monopoly would have a very real and very negative impact on broadcasters at the local level. Of the two markets for radio, local and national, well, XM/Sirius is in both. Broadcasters can't compete with them nationally.

    Think about what happens if they do merge: That monopoly would charge higher prices to customers and then use those extra profits to undercut advertising prices and threaten local programming. Do we really want just one satellite radio company? It's not just terrestrial radio that would get hurt.