HD videos begin to arrive on iTunes, your Apple TV thanks you

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podcast icon logo itunesHere’s an idea, why don’t you create a product designed for HD TV’s (though the lowest HD resolution available, 720p) but not offer content that fits this resolution. Shame on you Steve Jobs/Apple, we expected better planning with the Apple TV and iTunes movie/TV show downloads (which are currently sold at 480p).

Thankfully, independent content providers such as The Washington Post are beginning to come out of the woodwork and are offering 720p HD downloads of their podcasts/vodcasts on iTunes.

The folks over at WebWare had a chance to review the increased quality content:

Overall, it was a big step up from previous iTunes fare, but critical viewers will find it falls short of HD broadcasts and even most DVDs. When viewed on a 42-inch Panasonic plasma TV, the improved resolution was evident on the images of John Edwards speaking to an auditorium full of students, but false contouring and solarization artifacts were easy to pick out in the background (white walls were a prime culprit). Close-ups of Edwards’ face also exhibited some swimming pixels. Likewise, the depth of field offered was good, but not comparable to what you’d find on an HD broadcast (let alone a Blu-ray or HD DVD movie).

Yes, iTunes and the Apple TV can stream HD content, but the point of contention is that you could not download HD content. We am very excited by this prospect of HD content and hope/expect Apple and Co. to join on the HD revolution some point this year with HD videos available for download directly from iTunes.

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