Sony adds a SSD HD to their VAIO G notebook

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sony vaio g notebook laptop ssdThough announced and available for Japan a while back we have reason to believe that Sony will soon be dropping a solid state hard drive based notebook here in the US in the near future. The VAIO G is available with an optional 32 GB Solid State Drive. Because of the small size (12.1″ screen) and SSD the laptop weighs in at a mere 1.89 pounds with a slim battery and offers an unprecedented 6 hours of battery life. The standard battery does add .1 of a pound but doubles the already long battery life to 12 hours — imagine what an extended battery would do for you.

Unfortunately the fun stops there. Now that you have come back down to earth remember that solid state drives are still rather expensive; this drive will cost about $600 more than a standard 40 GB HHD. Finally, Sony must not have gotten over their high either because this great computer is killed with a Core Solo U1300 processor and then paired with an Intel 945GMS Express graphics card and 1.5-Gbytes of DDR2 RAM. Needless to say that this machine will be running Vista.

Hopefully by the time this laptop makes its way to US shores a little more power is added to the processor and some of those dollars are left at the port.

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  • elle

    I am hoping to get one, but I heard they were only £200, bummer!

  • Loren Webb

    My sister has this exact one i sortof like it but not really it is better than nothing but this is not my first choice of a laptop