Cisco to provide space-to-space routing technology to Department of Defense

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CiscoCisco is partnering with Intelsat General to provide the routing software technology for an on-board router in a space project Intelsat General is working on for USA’s Department of Defense. The Internet routing in space (IRIS) project will allow direct IP routing over satellite thus eliminating the need for routing via a ground-based teleport. As a result, this will increase the efficiency and flexibility of the satellite communications link.

The project may lead to a completely space-based Internet. Internet traffic between satellites or space vehicles is currently routed through a remote terminal on Earth. IRIS will allow space-to-space Internet traffic to avoid traveling back to Earth, unless it needs to be finally delivered here. It’s possible the project could lead to a faster global IP network, since traffic could travel in space and only come back for delivery.

Back on Earth, Cisco is struggling to patch mulltiple vulnerabilities in its Wireless Control System (WCS) networking software and Wireless LAN Controller (WLC).

The WCS vulnerabilities, according to the company’s advisory, could lead to information disclosure, privilege escalation and unauthorized access. The patches apply to versions prior to, and are available through links in the advisory.

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